10 Features That Should Be Present in iOS 8


iOS 7 came up in 2013 with a major overhaul in its design and user interface. Moreover, some new and advanced features were being also added which made the iPhone users really happy and satisfied. But we human beings are always driven by the hope of a better and more comfortable tomorrow and thus we have come up yet again with some changes and added features that we expect in iOS 8 which is going to get released in 2014. Here are the ten features that we look forward to be present in iOS 8.


Too Much Personalised

iOS 7 is too much personalised. Though it is good because we have started storing many classified information in our phone which a stranger should not gain access to, but at times it becomes too difficult. With due respect to their idea of a personalized phone, they should make some provisions for a child or guest account so that our family can have access to at least some features of the phone.

More Flexibility

iPhones come with some default application preinstalled in it and in no way we can hide them. This is a problem with iOS since its inception. Apple developers must understand that preference of the consumer might differ and therefore they should be given some liberty to choose the app they like to use after spending a fortune on the phone.

EnhancedDocumentsManagement System

Though the 7th version of the iOS was released this year, but still it does not have the capability of organizing and managing the documents well. There is no way by which a file can be directly attached from the phone to the mailbox. Therefore, in the next version we expect some betterment in this respect as well.

Better Apps Management System

The iCloud app of iOS should be developed further so that the iPhone users can easily manage apps. Moreover, automatic update about the latest apps (both free and premium versions) should be made available to users so that they do not have to take the trouble using IAP.

Group Chat in Face Time

Face Time was conceived by Apple developers to support video calling in iOS. Though the iPhone users are extremely satisfied with the quality of video call and all other features of this app, but from next time we would be happy to see Face Time supporting group video and voice call.

Stronger Co-ordination between Apps

iOS 7 is not at all good at multitasking. Just in case you are editing a document using an iPhone app and your phone starts ringing, there are remote chances of you getting back the document in the same stageas you have left it at last. So we expect the Apple developers to look into this problem and come up with a viable solution.

Custom-made Notifications

We understand that notifying the user about the various updates that are due is important, but untimely notifications actually annoys the iPhone users. Therefore, in iOS 8 we expect a better notification manager whereby the users will be able to schedule the notifications to show up only in the weekends or weekdays according to the preference of the users. In this way they will be manage the issues in the phone in a much better way.

Improved Editing of Text

Cut, copy and paste are the three most widely used actions used by an individual while handling a text. These three actions do not work smoothly in iOS7 and thus there is a definite need to overhaul this feature of iOS.

Multitasking Ability

OS X Mavericks has a unique ability to do multiple works in different fronts. For example, if a user get a notification to update while he is playing game, he can continue with the update of the phone without causing the game to stop. We expect iOS 8 to be updated with such multitasking facility as well.

Multi-Screen Facility

iOS 7 do not support the facility to toggle over different applications at a single time. In iOS 8 we expect this feature to be integrated so that we can have a better experience while using the iPhone 6.

These are some of the improvements that we would like to see in iOS 8 so that the iPhone users can actually boast about their OS in comparison to the other OS for mobile platform.


  1. hi there your wrong apple ios 7 dont have enough costomization unlike windows 8 phone i am on a nokia 1520 phone with 6 inch screen with live tiles live tiles have 3 sizes and 20 colores too chose from apple needs multi sized icons with multi color per icon soo 24 sizes and 480 colors too chose from per icon be alwsoume

    • I think apple need to go with color on ios 8 it will make it better for i phone Users and & the next i phone they come out with & the i message app needs to have customization like color fonts change the background & new wallpaper & so fourth & so on but over all they need to make change to the next Version of ios 8 if Android users can do it !! apple can do it!!! not saying copping Android but saying bring some feature to the table to there best liking & and own way to make it unique!!!

      • hi there i agree with you ios 8 needs color like windows 8 phones windows 8 phones are cathing up too androiid and iphones

  2. It needs more customization. the people have been asking for it for years. and it needs to look more like ios6, when every app wasnt white and the app icons had shadows and textures and not flat pencil drawings an elementary school kid could do. also Samir, u mention flexibility. I have an app from the App Store that I paid for and it won’t even let me download the audio files from that, which is the whole point if the app.
    I currently still have my ios6 and will stick to it unless ios8 is greatly improved. and ill milk this phone til the end, but once this phone is no longer functioning, I’m switching back to the galaxy.

  3. Im happy with the layout and icons in IOS 7, Apple has given us a polished look and feel, if we start messing around with Icons and Colors then were probably going to end up screwing up the look, Apple knows its markets, and most ppl don’t care about that, what the want is functionality, like split screens so we can run 2 or more apps side by side even if its just a calculator or note pad, more multitasking, default app selection, more features within the standard apps, better printing options, more icloud sync options, more powerful email app, maybe a standard file location, better maps etc etc etc…

  4. -Being able to customise the screen, choosing how many screens the interface has and what is displayed on them or at the very least a chioce of a few different color themes or skins for the interface.
    -Widgets that let you stream news feeds\weather\media so home screens show live information instead of the static/generic icon grid everyone else has.
    -The ability to replace the whole GUI with a custom Launcher
    -True multitasking and split screen options
    -The ability to replace the keyboard or at least give a swipe style keyboard, (people look like apes from the dark ages bashing away to type, it’s 2015 for christ sake)
    Basiaclly all the things Windows and Android phone users have had for the past 10+ years.