1Password discloses ‘Holy Grail’ of Password Managers for Apple’s iOS 8


The iOS 8 iPhone and iPad operating system by Apple is set to be released sometime in October or September in an unknown date. The new iOS will come as a free upgrade for the iOS 7. The iOS 8 will rock a number of features and upgrades and in this article; we extensively look at a feature 1 Password has unveiled as ‘Holy Grail’ of Passwords for the iOS 8.


Even though much of the first thrill of users surrounding the new iOS 8 are the new extensibility features surrounded widgets as well as the prospective for third-party keyboards such as the custom keyboards, there is also another app that will to a great extent profit from these modifications; this app is the password managers.

AgileBits which is the company that created the 1 Password software have presented to the world, the extension for iOS 8 which they have labeled as the ‘holy grail’ of password managers.

With this new extension, third-party developers will now have the ability to join together 1Password into apps that they already have in their iPhones or iPads. This will enable users of iPads and iPhones to now be able to access passwords that are stored in their 1Password vault from within those apps. Other than that, the app will in addition support Apple’s TouchID. This means that now users will have the ability to autofill their login information with only a mere solo touch.

The company went ahead to say in a blog post that thanks to this new developer feature in the iOS 8, now third-party apps can be able to allow 1Password fill Logins without the iPhone and iPad user leaving the app. The company went ahead to say that this is amazing and it comes with TouchID for unlocking the vault.

Even though this new function will not unveil in anticipation of the company officially introducing the iOS 8 later on in the year, Apple went ahead to post a copy of the code on Github, which is a repository web-based hosting service. The company has posted the code so that other developers can start in on slotting in the 1Password extension into the apps that they already have.

1Password however will not be the only password-storing app that will profit from this new extensibility feature for iOS 8. Safari, which is a web browser that was developed by Apple Inc, will also have the ability to now autofill passwords that are stored in the of its keychain. These passwords will be autofilled into third-party apps as soon as the app is updated for iOS 8.


There you have it; the new iOS 8 is proving to be more than just a new operating system. These amazing features that are being integrated on a daily basis will make it a must have for your iPhone and iPad. The iOS is supposed to be debuted sometime in October or September in an unknown date. We will surely update you in all that comes out between now and then so keep in touch with us.