24-Carat Gold iPhone 6 will be Offered by the Luxury Retailer Brikk


It seems there’s no end of rumors on iPhone 6. As the release date is nearing, there appears to be a deliberate effort to fuel the rumors. The latest in the list is on a 24-Carat gold iPhone 6. We can expect to see Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiling iPhone 6 next month. But industry sources report a design and accessory company called Brikk has already started to take pre-orders of an iPhone 6 made of gold.


On July 28, Brikk announced 14 different luxury versions of iPhone 6 will be offered by the company. Considering the frenzy that iPhone 6 rumors has created many would line up to buy the gold plated phones. Brikk said the 14 luxury versions will include 24-carat yellow gold, 24-carat pink gold and phones with pure platinum finish. The phones to come with such luxury versions would be the 4.7 inch screen variant. The phones will have Apple’s logo on their back and some will be even be decorated with a white diamond.

This initiative by Brikk to lure potential iPhone buyers has nothing to do with Apple. This is not a publicity campaign by Apple to promote the next iPhone. This is totally a sole effort from Brikk. The press release from the company reads, “Each piece is disassembled inside Brikk’s state-of-the-art laboratory in Los Angeles, USA by a team of highly skilled engineers.”


Interestingly, Brikk is not divulging much information about the gold iPhone. Perhaps because they want the craze to stay alive and the excitement to climb up. When we visited the website that is taking pre-orders from customers we found a notification that reads, “specifications, images and information cannot be guaranteed and is subject to change based on the actual release of the iPhone 6 by Apple.” You can see it yourself by visiting Brikk

The pre-ordering process asks customers to pay $500. This money is the deposit amount and it is will not be refunded. The price of the device is not known; it could be somewhere between $4500 and $8800. The gold iPhones will be offered with a year’s warranty and it has nothing to do with warranty promised by Apple. The time of availability hasn’t been indicated but 3 or 4 weeks after the official release of iPhone, we may get our hands on the gold phone.

Rumors that are connected to the gold plated iPhone news claim Apple will launch its iPhone 6 on October 14. It stands as stark contrast to previous rumors as those rumors suggested September will be the month of release for iPhone 6. Some speculated that the 4.7 inch screen model iPhone 6 will launch in September and the jumbo version or 5.5 inch model will arrive in October. But other sources said earlier the jumbo version will hit the shelves in 2015.

People who have plenty of money and a passion of luxury items will go for the gold iPhone 6. They will get the advantage of pre-order as they won’t have to wait in a long queue.