5 Cydia Tricks to Deal With iOS 8’s Annoyances


The iOS 8 came with many innovations that have received thumbs up from the Apple users all round the world. But it was definitely not free from annoyances which were bothering the users. Good news is that the Pangu tech team was come up with some tricks a few days back which can help Apple users to deal with such annoyances. These jailbreaks are available to all iOS 8 users, so download it now to solve the problems.

The latest ios 8 jailbreak was released last month but it was not available to the users. Mainly it was released for the developers so that they can program their apps accordingly for the proper functioning of the iOS 8 platform. The iOS 8 jailbreaks that have been developed by Pangu team was been stabilized very recently and now it is absolutely ready to be used in Apple gadgets powered by iOS 8 platform. So now you download and install all the jailbreaks conveniently in your iPhone or iPad. Moreover, the Cydia platform also has been updated so that the users can easily download and install the tweaks in their iGadget. Though most of the jailbreaking tweaks have been updated and ready to be used in ios 8, but in a handful few still some updates needs to be installed before using it in the latest iOS platform.

Here is a list of the five Cydia updates that you can download right away:



Apple gadgets have been always known for their high security features. But you would definitely not need it when stationed in your home. With the CleverPin app recognizes when you are using the wifi installed in your home and disable the lock of your automatically. And don’t worry, once you leave the home the password lock feature of the gadget is automatically turned on. It would have been great if this feature would have been a built in feature of iOS 8.

Disable Frequently Visited Pages on Safari


If you browse using Safari, then a new tab would always show the last sites visited or the sites that you visit frequently. But personally I don’t like this feature of Safari and if you agree with me, then a tweak can help you help you to deal with this problem. The ‘Disable Frequently Visited Site’ tweak helps you to disable this particular feature. All you need to do is download this app and install it in your iPhone or iPad.

Safe Alarm

safe alarm

The Safe Alarm tweak helps the users to control the volume of the ringer and alarm separately. Usually in all iGadgets, the volume of the ringer and alarm is set at the same volume and there are chances of missing the alarm in the morning. But you can avoid such unwanted trouble by downloading this app and setting two separate volumes for alarm and ringer.

NCSingle Tap Clear


Obviously getting notifications about the recent mails and messages on the notification panel is good, but when it keeps coming up time and again, then it becomes really annoying. If you are using an iPhone, you know that you have tap on the close sign twice to stop getting further notifications. But now there is a much easy way to deal with this problem. Download NCSingle Tap Clear which helps you close all notifications with a single tap. Two tap system is being designed keeping in mind that you might miss out a notification. Just in case you are comfortable with it, remove it with the help of NCSingle Tao Clear.

Springtomize 3


This app helps you to bring about certain customization in your gadget which will help in the smooth running of the phone like resizing the icon of the phone, creating folders, changing fonts and many more. This app has become really popular with all iPhone and iPad users. The good news is that it has been updated to be compatible with iOS 8.

That’s all for now, we will keep you informed about other tweaks as soon as they are being updated for iOS 8 platform. Stay tuned with us!!