7 Essential Things to Do Before You Upgrade to iOS 8.1


Sources indicate iOS 8.1 release date is confirmed. It is set to arrive on 20th October. The release of iOS 8.1 was to take place well ahead of the release of iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. As there’s hardly any time left before iOS 8.1 release, users should know what to do before they upgrade to the new software.

ios 8.1

At the October 16 Launch Event, Apple has unveiled iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. iPad Air 2 has been regarded as the thinnest iPad to date because it is 18% thinner than its predecessor; iPad Air. iPad Mini 3 gets TouchID. Apple has also showcased OS X Yosemite. Seeing Apple’s readiness, industry sources are anticipating iOS 8.1 will be released with necessary bug fixes and new features.

To prepare themselves for iOS 8.1, users first need to review iOS 8.

iOS 8 review

In case users are still using iOS 7, they should first upgrade to iOS 8 and then to iOS 8.1. This will help them get familiarized with the iOS 8 framework. The difference between iOS 7 and iOS 8.1 are too many. So first download and install 8.0.2, review it and then move to iOS 8.1.

Device clean up

There must be dozens of apps or media files on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Before  moving to iOS 8.1, you should get rid of them. This will clean up your device and since downloading iOS 8.1 will be OTA (Over the air), secure a lot of free storage space. iOS updates normally requires sizable amount of space so cleaning up the device prior to the upgrade is highly recommended.

Apple ID and Passcode

You need to track down your Apple ID before the update. Having an iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch means you already have an Apple ID. At the time of installing the update, the software will ask you about Apple ID and passcode. All information related to your Apple ID including username and password are necessary to link up iTunes to a device.

Update iTunes

You can update iTunes by getting the latest version through Apple’s official download page. Another way to download it is by going to iTunes, then Check for Updates if you are using a Mac computer, you’d have to visit Mac App Store. Windows users need to go to Help and then Check for Updates within iTunes.

Back up your device

Already two beta versions of iOS 8.1 have been released, which means the software is stable. But even then there’s possibility of a margin of error. If anything goes wrong, you’ll end up losing your files. So before you proceed to install the update, back up all the files and folders.

Update your apps

There are numerous reports of crashes and freezing issues with third party apps. Developers have worked with two iOS 8.1 beta versions and many of them have updated their apps. It will be wise for you to install those updates because they come with bug fixes.

Charge your device

We often forget to charge the device. It’s necessary before you update your phone. Installing an update consumes a lot of battery. f you don’t have sufficient battery and if the phone switches off in the middle, you’ll have to redo the entire upgradation process. So it’s better your charge your device well in advance.

The seven things discussed above should be done before you update your phone. If you want the process to be smooth and hassle-free, don’t forget any of them.