How to Access Emergency Medical Information from the iOS 8 Lock Screen


We’ve already mentioned it quite a few times that iOS 8 has a unique feature. The feature is HealthKit. The system allows users to store all data related to their health at one place. Data is collected from various health and fitness apps.

Other than routine storage of medical information, the iOS health app also has use for emergency purposes. The app is sophisticate enough to allow users to put essential health related information on their lock screens if an emergency situation arises.


This feature is highly useful for all types of users. People with medical conditions often carry a piece of paper with them in their wallets. The paper generally contains crucial information. But what if the user is unconscious? He won’t be able to hand over information related to his health to experts. That’s when the emergency lock screen comes in handy. It delivers the first responders very important information about the user’s health.

The Medical ID enables users to list things. The things that are being listed are medical conditions, weight loss, allergies and also their emergency contacts. It’s really beneficial to be able to set it up and access it from the lock screen. God forbids, if a user is in a condition where he is not able to respond to a question, his lock screen can deliver vital information to the first responders and thereby help him.

The process of setting up Medical ID on iOS 8 is not at all difficult. In this article, we’ll detail the process so you don’t face any trouble. First you need to open up the Health app and then tap on the Medical ID tab. You can find the tab in the bottom-right side. Tapping on Medical ID tab will open up the feature and let you set it up. It will show you a brief description of Medical ID.

Once you are there, tap on Create Medical ID. On the top, you’ll see a toggle switch to let you access Medical ID on lock screen. If you turn this feature on, other people will be able to access your medical information even when the phone is locked. This is a privacy concern because unwanted people could see your health details.


Above the toggle switch, you can see the text ‘EMERGENCY ACCESS’. Below the switch you can enter your medical information. You’ll be able to add your date of birth and list all the symptoms that you have. You can also add brief notes about your medical conditions.

On the same screen you’ll find a section to list all types of allergies you have and medications that you’ve been taking to prevent them. To the bottom you’ll find sections where you can enter emergency contacts, height, weight, blood type and whether you’ve donated any organ of yours.


Once all the relevant information is filled in, tap on Done in the upper right corner. This will save all the information. From then on, anyone who taps on Emergency in the lower right corner, would be able to access your Medical ID from the lock screen.