Ahead of iOS 8 launch, Family Sharing notice in testing mode on App Store pages


iFun just discovered a new tag on iOS App Store pages. As per that, it seems that Apple is testing out a new label for the apps that work the fascinating Family Sharing feature in iOS 8. This feature was announced at WWDC. With this feature, family can have a common list of music, movies and other iOS stuffs like apps, despite of being them charged to a single credit card. It comes with the parental controls which makes sure that permission must be granted from the card holder to bring it in use.


If the third-party developers want, they can opt out of this system. But yes, to make it happen, users will have to buy the apps once for each member of family. Such apps won’t be accessible to all with singe purchase.

Apple will label the apps to make users aware from whether the apps require one purchase for all family members, or separate purchase for separate members. Yes, it would highlight the label in the same way it does other iOS features and in-app purchases. This step of Apple will make sure that there will be no clouds of confusion among such users.

The label we are talking about, has appeared in just a few apps for now. As soon as the things go as the way Apple wants, the testing mode will be end and notice will be gone.



  1. Where did you get this information and those screenshots?

    There don’t seem to be any official apple docs relating to the tags you mention.