Anticipated Improvements in Camera and Photo Apps on iOS 8


The beta version release of iOS 8 is less than two weeks away. Rumors regarding upcoming iOS 8 features is widespread in the industry. One set of rumors suggest Apple will bring changes to its camera and and photo apps. WWDC will be held on June 2. As we are approaching to the conference, unconfirmed sources are coming with new reports. It’s hard to decide whether to take them seriously or with a grain of salt.


The current news however, has been reported by MacWorld. They are a credible source. As per the report, the camera feature will base itself on the 120 FPS slow motion mode in iPhone 5S. The latter is an upgraded feature. It allows users to capture slow motion videos and edit them in customized ways using Apple’s signature technologies. Such an improvised camera would need compatible software feature.

In the new iOS 8, the camera app may have a shortcut on lock screen and also in the control center. Thus, you don’t have to manually keep tapping to browse your pics; there would be a separate icon for this purpose. It should be mentioned here that many third party apps have shooting modes amid photo library. The same thing doesn’t apply to Apple. Some analysts suggested Apple to add a tab to photos. The tab could be called Camera. Changing the shortcut to camera roll could be achieved through the camera app.

Analysts believe a change such as this would influence other aspects of the photo app. Those aspects are shared photo streams. The photo sharing app by Apple is undoubtedly a great tool but still it isn’t used much as the photo and camera app make for it. The photo app has album creation facility and the camera app has image creation feature. Advancements of photo app may add extra functionality to the photo sharing feature.

As we don’t know what type of improvements the camera app and the photo app will undergo, we could at least have some expectation. Organizing the screenshots is one of them. Apple users have had this expectation for a long time. Apple has already started creating smart folders in the photos app for third party and video apps. The same thing could be done to screenshots as well.

Another request from Apple users is making improvements in the photo stream backup. It should be mentioned here that Apple’s photo stream has already introduced backup for 1000 photos. But users are not happy with such limited number. Besides, the 1000 photos will have to be the recent ones. If users want to have more number of photos synced, they’d have to connect the photo stream with their Mac device. Deleting images in the photo stream is a difficult process as only the photo stored in photo stream will be deleted, another version in the camera roll will continue to exist.

There are plenty of other shortcomings of photo and camera apps. One of them is user’s inability to send HD videos to others via mail. They’ll have to trim it down, otherwise the size of the file will be too large. Search and metadata control for images is good, but scope of improvements is there. Enhanced search and tagging feature are what users are asking for.

It’s not clear at this moment whether the aforementioned changes will find their way to iOS 8. We could have some idea on June 2. For the full picture however, we’d have to wait till the fall release of iOS 8.