Apple Adds Flyover City Tour Feature to its Map in iOS 8


Rumors had it that Apple will dish out an improved map feature in its upcoming iOS 8. On June 2 Apple released the iOS 8 from its Worldwide Developers Conference. After almost three weeks when we are reviewing the features of iOS 8 Beta, it seems the rumors on Apple’s map had substance.


The Cupertino giant has added a new feature called Flyover City Tours to its map application. Before we discuss the new spec at length, we need to mention that although Apple has kept the source code of the application hidden, a developer called Pierre Blazquez has somehow managed to get his hands on it and given us a preview of the new feature. The feature however is still in development phase.

At this moment, flyover tours are available only for a selective number of cities like Rome, Stockholm, Paris, Barcelona, New York, Paris, etc. The advantage of this feature is that it lets you zoom in and out some very popular locations and landmarks without having to touch the screen. That means users will enjoy a virtual tour of world’s most famous tourist destinations and architectures. For example, they can get an amazing aerial view of the Eiffel Tower. The zoom in range has limit however.

Mac4ever, who posted a video on the flyover tour wrote, “At the moment, only the cities of Rome, Stockholm, Barcelona, ​​New York, Paris, Glasgow, Cape Town, Perth, Bordeaux and the Bay of San Francisco are available. One imagines that the visit was carefully prepared manually, and the list is therefore extend gradually over time.”

As the feature is in developmental stage, not much details on it are available. Those who have unlocked it, delivered instructions on how to use it. To start the tour, a user would first need to use Apple Maps in Hybrid mode. The cities which support flyover tours will have a yellow label. The cities that don’t support this feature will be labelled in white. So if a user is trying to locate a place in Seoul, the city will have a white label.

Once the user clicks on the yellow label, he could see the option for flyover tour. Problem is, a user needs to click on the city to access the feature as mere searching won’t fetch him the option. Experts are of the opinion that when iOS 8 will finally release, some new features will be added to flyover tour.

The video uploaded by Mac4ever shows a satellite map in the beginning with a notification called Tour in a blue color background and the name of the city in a white background and a yellow color label underneath. After that, users could straightway zoom in and see places. When they are done with it, they could click on an option at the bottom called End Flyover Tour and get out of the menu.
Some sources reported Apple wants to take on Google Map with iOS 8. The flyover tour is no doubt an impressive feature but it needs to undergo more improvements in order to compete with Google’s map feature. Hopefully, we’ll see those improvements when the OS will be out.


  1. […] The flyover tours of cities of the Apple Maps app has got in it the names of cities like – New York, San Jose, San Francisco, Paris, Barcelona and Rome. It’s quite easy for users to fly over any city’s skyline. They can use the ‘zoom’ feature to get a closer and clearer look at the intended things. As per the report, this incredible feature is part of Maps app in Yosemtie as well. […]