Apple has Begun to Seed iOS 8 Gold Master Version to Developers


Apple’s September 2014 media event took place on Tuesday morning. It was a gala event and two of this year’s most anticipated toys, iPhone 6 and iWatch was showcased at the event.

Everyone had the expectation that iOS 8 will also be unveiled. This expectation was partially fulfilled. Apple has started to seed iOS 8 Gold Master (GM) version to developers. End users will have to wait for eight more days to get the update.


The GM version of iOS 8 will be publicly released on September 17, and two days from the iOS 8 release, iPhone 6 will be launched. The update is now available through the over-the-air updating technology of Apple. Developers can download it on their iOS devices. They can also download it through the iOS Developer Center. Other than iOS 8, the GM version of Xcode 6 and the new Apple TV software have also been seeded by Apple.

A great variety of features have been introduced by iOS 8. One of them is better integration with OS X. A feature called Continuity makes it happen. The feature takes interoperability to a whole new level and data synchronization between devices becomes seamless.

Already five beta versions of iOS 8 have been released. Over the course of the testing period, apps like Mail Drop, iCloud, Messages and Safari Browser have undergone improvements. New features like HealthKit, Flyover City Tours and QuickType Keyboard were found in the beta versions along with upgraded Family Sharing and interactive notifications features.

Developers have first hand experience of how these features work. But end users are not fully clued up. Those who have already installed the firmware reported no major difference from the earlier beta releases. Some small changes have been reported though; the change of color shade of the Music app is one of them.

To activate the voice based personal assistant Siri, users would no longer have to press buttons. The GM version makes voice activation facility available. Users just need to say ‘Hey Siri’ to activate the feature. Scores new wallpaper images are added and the Settings shows suggestions for new battery life. New backup icon for iCloud has also been added and SMS Relay has got a new name; Text Message Forwarding.

We’d like to advise end users in case they attempt to the GM seed from any of the five iOS 8 beta versions and have faced the provisioning profile issues. The workaround for such issues can be found in this article.

First you need to connect the iOS device to a Mac computer through USB cable. Then launch Xcode, choose Window and go to Devices. Then right click on the device and select ‘Show Provisioning Profiles.’ Then click on the provisioning profile and press ‘-’ button. Once you remove all profiles that are affected, reinstall the application.

The good thing about the GM version is some issues have been fixed in it. iCloud settings screen hanging up during updating process, some icons missing in settings are some of those problems. All in all, it’s recommended that users should wait til Sept 17 for the release.


  1. […] If we observe iOS 8 beta releases so far, we can discover a pattern. When one beta version is succeeded by the next, there is an approximate gap of two weeks. iOS beta 5 for example, has released two weeks after the beta 4 release. This observation forces us to culminate iOS 8 beta 6 will release on Monday, 18th of August. Experts unanimously believe iOS 8 beta 6 is the last beta before the GM launch. […]