Apple Closes Window on Downgrade to iOS 7.1.2 from iOS 8


So, here comes the time which most of the Apple users dreaded or were rather anxious for. The latest news confirms that the California-based company has stopped signing the iOS 7.1.2 firmware and thus, has closed the final window on iPhone users who wanted to downgrade to previous iOS 7.1.2 after not finding the migration to the new operating software completely satisfactory.


We have already warned you about this here. It is a part of the natural evolution by the company to let its users adapt to the newer operating software, iOS 8 gradually. So, this leaves the users with iOS 8 with no way of going back. Though, users who own non-compatible older devices who are not getting any upgrade of iOS 8, have access to the last-generation firmware.

It is to be noted that the software was rolled out for iPhone 4S and above models. iPad 2 and iPad mini models were also expected to receive the roll out. The iOS 8 come preinstalled in latest flagship models iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The closure on firmware was first noted by developer Steven Troughton-Smith. He notified the change on his Twitter account which was later verified by many users and sources including the famous iOS firmware database IPSW Downloads.

iOS 8 was released on 9/ 9 with quite a hoopla. It promised to bring multitudes of changes that only existed in the wishlist of many iPhone users including features like Continuity, new messaging option and app extensibility. However, unsuspecting users also got Healthkit bug with this which made this tech company to pull the apps and launch a new version, iOS 8.0.1. Well, this maintenance fix brought new problems to the customers and disabled network connectivity as well as TouchID, rendering the iPhones useless for the timebeing. The problems were finally sorted out with the fix of point-two update, iOS 8.0.2. Nonetheless, Australian iPhone 6 users are still complaining about network connectivity issues even after the installation of new update.


  1. Hello, i upgrade my iphone 5s with new ios8, after upgrading my phone battery drains very fast and my phone generates heat during call. How do i overcome the problem, please help.

    iPhone 5s, iOS 8