Apple is Expected to Release iWatch on September 9 t at a Price of $400


We’ve heard the rumor recently that Apple will showcase an iWatch on September 9 at a gala event. The rumor is nothing new, a wearable device replicating Samsung’s Smartwatch had been in the discussion for a considerable period of time.

Executives of Apple have discussed iWatch on different occasions. They indicated the device will cost users nearly $400. The name of the device isn’t fixed yet. While most think the wearable set will go by the name of iWatch, some think it will be named iBand.

Apple is Expected to Release iWatch on September 9 t at a Price of $400

Industry sources such as Dawn Chmielewski and John Paczkowski earlier said Apple will unveil iWatch on September 9. However, the device won’t release before 2015. Early 2015 is when the device, according to these sources is expected to release.

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September 9 is just few days away. Apple has sent invitation to press circuits, indicating a gala event will take place on next Tuesday. But will Apple indeed unveil the rumored iWatch? Albeit we can’t be absolutely sure of that, chances are huge. It’s important to note what Apple said Re/code. Sources close to Apple told the press outlet “consumers should expect a range of prices for different models including lower priced versions.”

It’s not difficult to understand Apple referred to the iWatch because the other device, rumored to be launched on the same day is iPhone 6 and it will come in two variants. “a range of prices for different models” therefore point at the rumored iWatch.

A wearable device of $400 price point falls into the high-end range. There are fitness wristbands in the market, available at a lower price. One of them is Up24 from Jawbone. The device costs $149. Another is Nike+ FuelBand SE, available at $124. Wearable devices from Samsung and LG cost slightly more, $200 and runs on Android.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch costs almost $300. The reason there’s a profuse demand for the device in the market is the slew of features that it sports. It packs 1.9MP camera with BSI sensor, auto focus, sound and shot feature, 1.63-inch super Amoled display with 320 x 320 pixels resolution and Bluetooth v 4.0 connectivity with 800MHz processor.

Memographer, S Voice, Auto Lock, Media Controller, Stopwatch and Voice Memo are some of the exciting features that come with Samsung Galaxy Gear. The high cost therefore sounds justified. Ironman One GPS+ is another high end wearable device from Timex. The device has an impressive appearance and costs $399.

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Henceforth, the $400 price point of iWatch would be justified. The iWatch will reportedly look like a luxury wristwatch. The key feature of the device will be HealthKit. It is a software embedded in iOS 8. HealthKit will monitor a user’s health details and track all types of data related to health and fitness. Since users will wear iWatch around their wrists, their pulse rate, heartbeat, excessive sweating and other health issues will be recorded.
iWatch might be used for other purposes as well. iPhone 6 will reportedly have mobile wallet enabling users to shop from their iPhone. iWatch might take users one step ahead by letting them pay right from their wrists.