Apple Improvises iCloud for iOS 8


From the time iCloud was launched, Apple has endeavoured to integrate iOS 8 with iCloud in such a way so that getting access to files stored in iCloud becomes really easy and really smooth. Their primary is to eradicate the traditional way of uploading files from the internal hard disk of the gadget. Apple’s developers have been working conscientiously to achieve this end for the last three years, but they have been partially successful in this project. We have heard rumours that at present the engineers have focused on developing two iCloud applications especially for iOS and improving the existing tools of iCloud so that other developers can integrate their app with iCloud.


To be precise right now, Apple’s technical team is busy making OS X’s Preview and TextEdit applications compatible with iOS. This application is not being designed for editing PDF docs, text or images; but gets a preview of files, images and texts on Preview and TextEdit application that are stored in iCloud using OS X. Though iCloud has been synchronized for Preview and TextEdit, but its iOS app is still in the developmental stage and therefore at present it would not be possible to synchronize such docs in iPhones, iPads and iPod.

This app is still in the early stage of its development and we do not expect to see it till the last quarter of 2014. But still there is a faint hope that this software will be available along with the first edition of iOS 8. However, once the app is developed and launched, instead of using it the users will be motivated to use free iBooks apps for editing docs or manage docs using iWork suite application pages. With such developments, it will be possible to compare and synchronize others apps that are used in the two different OS of Apple.

Tech geeks are of the opinion that the driving force behind this whole initiative is Craig Federighi, Apple Senior Vice President of the Software Engineering department. He took up the initiative to revamp and restructure the engineering team that works for developing the iOS and OS X platform and such reformation helped in bringing about these positive changes in iOS. Federighi has created a network whereby the software engineers of OS X and iOS now work in cooperation with each other. Previously, there were two separate teams working separately on OS X’s and iOS’s Preview and TextEdit app and they had no connection with each other. But presently, a single coherent team has been organized and they work together to develop an app, like thePreview and TextEdit application that will work efficiently on Apple’s both platform.

Apart from that, there are also rumours about Apple exploring ways to launch a new iCloud storage app as it will help to develop server based App store application and thereby make the functioning of iOS a lot simpler. Ace developers have said that developing an App Store App that is based on iCloud is not at all easy and reliable. Apple has taken up this challenge to break apart this preconceived notion. If iCloud’s operation is extended by the end of this year, then Apple’s goal of developing an advanced file system will be successful.

Apart from iCloud, the functionality of other apps of iOS is also extended like healthbook app will be introduced with iOS 8, a new map app will be launched and a separate iTunes Radio app will be also launched. Stay tuned with to know about the latest gossip that surrounds iOS 8. Cheers!!