Apple Initiated Development of iOS 8 and OS X Syrah


iOS and OS X are the two unique operating systems that are designed exclusively by Apple for its line of products namely iPhones and Macs respectively. Very recently the seventh version of the iOS and the tenth version of OS X were released. In both these platforms some sweeping and really appreciable changes were brought about the Apple developers. However, rumour has it that even before the release of these two operating system, Apple has started working on the next edition of these two platforms namely iOS 8 and OS X Syrah, which is the code name of the eleventh version of Apple’s OS X. Both these softwares are at the initial stage of their development and thus we could gather only preliminary information about these platforms.


iOS7, the latest edition of iOS that is in use these days, was initially released in September 2013 and the stable version of the same iOS was launched successively. However, in the mean time Apple developers has already started working on the next edition of iOS i.e. the eighth edition. Though in iOS 7 many changes were brought about in the design of the user interface, but little changes were brought about in the functionality of the software. Therefore, tech buffs are expecting far reaching changes in the functionality of the iOS 8 platform. Rumours about enhancing the functionality of the Map application was being contemplated by the tech buffs, whereby the users can find out their cars by using this application.

OS X Mavericks is the latest version of the Mac OS that is in use these days. But tech geeks have confirmed the news that even before the release of OS X Mavericks, the Apple team has started working on the next version of OS X which has been code named Syrah. Mark Gurman, a web reporter from 9to5Mac has said that Syrah is basically the golden master version of OS X Mavericks and it was made available to the Apple developers from September 2013 for further testing and development. We have heard that the Apple developers are primarily focusing on refurbishing the looks of this OS in its next edition and for that it is drawing inspiration from the beautiful user interface of iOS 7.

We are not really sure when these platforms are going to be released, but if follow the trend, then we can contemplate that it will not show up before September or October 2014. We will keep updating the latest buzz so follow us closely.