Apple iOS 8 to Launch On 2nd June, 2014 at WWDC


A buzz has spread across the tech world that Apple is planning a major comeback in 2014 with its flagship smartphone iPhone 6. Though it pioneered the smartphone revolution in the beginning of the 21stcentury, but it failed to maintain its top position owing to the cut throat competition from other brands. However, rumour has it that this year Apple is lining up its range of products so that it regain back its former position in the tech world. Amongst the different products that will be launched this year, iPhone gets the maximum attention.


iPhone 6, the next generation smartphone from Apple will be used by the manufacturer as a trump card to throw a challenge to the other competing brands. Apple’s range of products has always earned accolades to their elegant and chic design. However, beauty with brains is a combo that is sort after by the potential buyers of the 21st century and in keeping up with this demand of the consumers;Apple has planned a major overhaul of iOS, the brain that navigates iPhones.

iOS 7 was released last year and we got to see some major changes in it, but surrounding the UI of the software. The functionality of the software remained more or less the same. This fact has triggered discussions amongst the tech geeks as to what changes do they expect in iOS 8 and rumour has it that we are surely going to see some of these changes in iOS 8.

Yesterday, Apple has announced that Worldwide Developers Conference 2014 is going to start off on 2ndJune. Apple had followed the trend of releasing its latest mobile and computer’s OS in this annual meet and therefore we are expecting the same course of event to take place this year. Along with the launch of iOS 8, other Apple products that we might get to see this year are MacBook Air, a rumoured 13 inch iPad Pro and iWatch.

Of all these Apple products, we are absolutely sure of the release of iOS 8, which is going to come with many latest features. Firstly, the cyber space is saturated with news about the Healthbook app of Apple, which is created with the aim of keeping a tab on the user’s health. This software is being designed to calculate blood pressure, the amount of calories burned by the users after workout, heart rate and other important things. Therefore, this will be an innovative addition to iOS 8 functionality.

The Map app of Apple is also going to improvised so that the users can make better use of it. Two major changes will be brought about in it, firstly from now onwards the users will be able to access information regarding mass transit using it and secondly the phone’s live camera will be able to detect the places of public interests and they will get highlighted on the map. These services are already provided in Google map, so this time Apple is refurbishing iOS 8’s map app so that it can compete with Google map on equal ground.

In WWDC 2014, we might also get to see the release of MacBook Air with retina display. This laptop will act a bridge between MacBook Pro and Air, in which all the limitations of Air and Pro will be removed. There are also rumours about the release of iPad Pro in 2014 with Touch ID on home button and eye tracking facility, thus enhancing the security features of the device.

That’s all for now, we will keep you updated with more news on iOS 8 so stay tuned for the latest news and rumours.


  1. Does it appear that iOS8 will only be available to new iPhones, or, might it be an upgrade to current 5th generation touch owners? Let me know what you think? Thanks


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