Apple iOS 8 upgrade: What you should expect and things to Consider


Every time when there is a launch by Apple, the excitement and expectations are sky-high. When iOS 7 was launched, people went on a frenzy to download the newest software to experience the visual changes it brought. The new feel and look was worth the upgrade. The iOS 8 upgrade though offer little in terms of visual changes but if you talk about under the hood improvements, well you are in for some pleasant surprises.

ios 8 upgrade

iOS 8 is going to be an exciting change for mobile junkies. Though, one needs to hold up the excitement till the upgrade of Yosemite because the entire treasure of features will be out in the open for you by then. This MAC OS X release is due next month.

If you want to wait for the Yosemite upgrade, it is fine but if you cannot wait to exploit the new features of Apple software, here are some things to consider.

Can you even upgrade to iOS 8?

Yes, except the first generation of iPads, all the devices will receive an upgrade. iPhone 4S and its younger siblings will also be a part of this upgrade mission. iPhone 4 which is 4 year old model now, won’t be a part of this. Since iPod Touch of 5th generation has not received any upgrade in quite some time, it is qualified for the upgrade too. Those, who feel that it is very bad on Apple’s part to exclude some of the devices in the name of upgrade, this is to let you know that it is done to side-line the performance issues in older devices because older models have lower memory and slower processor.

If you have an 8 GB or 16GB model which is facing space crunch, the first thing you should be doing is to find some space. Delete some apps by going to Settings and then, General. Look at the top of the screen to find out storage each app is using. Or to save yourself from this ordeal, simply uninstall the apps you do not use. Once you have managed to get about 2-3 GB of free space, you are all fine to upgrade to Apple iOS 8.

Take a Backup of iCloud storage

It is not that the upgrade is going to affect the iCloud storage but it is better that you stay prepared in case of a worst scenario. So, whether you use an iPad or iPhone, spare a few minutes. To take a backup of iCloud or iTunes, you need to follow this path:

Settings -> iCloud -> Storage ->Backup

Before hitting the backup, check if the available storage is showed up in Megabytes / MB. If it does, it is time to take a new plan. If it is in Gigabyte, the new plan can wait for some time. You can also avail ‘Change Storage’ Plan which can be done while you are opting for the backup. For this, you need to log in with your Apple password. Apple is also offering plans to its users at nominal monthly rates of $0.99 for 20GB and $3.99 for 200GB. If you are one of the lucky few who have got this special rate because your old plans are now non-existent, well enjoy it!

FYI: If you are an active user of Apple’s Pages, Numbers, Keynote or any other app which stores data files on iCloud or MAC, do not activate iCloud Drive because you could lose all the files outside of iOS. For such situations, wait for a month to receive Yosemite upgrade.

How to Upgrade

The same way as you did before! Hit WiFi, go to General, Software Update and then push on Install. If you have a passcode, you might have to enter it. After the upgrade, expect to receive several upgrades on apps too. You can also turn on the automatic notifications on upgrade by going through this route:

Settings -> iTunes / App Store -> Updates

The new iOS 8 will let you use the new keyboard and replace the default one; the feature Android users are done with long ago. You need to install the approved keyboard from the iTunes. The feature, Extensions allows the apps to aggregate content. It is a beneficial feature for users who are active on social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram or Evernote.

‘Continuity’ and ‘Handoff’ are the features which will allow the users to streamline their work from Apple devices. These are in beta phase, and the OEM will still need time to figure these out and roll these for public.

So, people, iOS 8 has arrived and offers you lots of great features. If you want to download it now, follow the considerations mentioned above and get going. If you get an error message, do not fret because Apple servers can be overloaded momentarily. Do not go by visual enhancements, because this iOS8 is more on the substance side.