Apple iPhone 8: Release Date and Possible Features


Apple has been rolling out quite a fair few devices since last year and this year is slated to be no different as the Cupertino giants are nearing the tenth anniversary of their iPhone line-up which started way back in 2007. Led by Tim Cook, the Cupertino-based tech firm has been in the news a substantial lot owing to their upcoming device in 2017 and the premise surrounding the companies forthcoming launch events keeps on increasing by the day. Perhaps one if the most anticipated among Apple’s device line-up is the iPhone 8 smartphone which has been the topic of discussion predominantly among tech enthusiasts. With the tech firm rolling out the iPhone 7 variants in September last year, Apple enthusiasts, since then , had started speculating about how the generation 8 iPhone will pan out to be. Nevertheless, with time, titbits pertaining to the smartphone have surfaced substantially and it seems that the iPhone 8 is definitely slated to redefine smartphone technology on an entirely new level.


iPhone 8 Release Date

Post the iPhone 7 launch event in September last year, tech enthusiasts had formed an opinion that September 2017 would feature the Apple iPhone 8 as the 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone line-up. However, the speculations failed to materialize as reports of iPhone 7 ‘S” variants surfaced which are slated to bear the September 2017 release date moniker. Now, that does push back the launch of the iPhone 8 at least a year back in 2018. There have been some reports however, which state that the iPhone 8 will feature beside the iPhone 7 ‘S’ variants as Apple looks to do something extraordinary with their iPhone 10th anniversary but chances of that happening seem really slim as of now.

Here are some of the features which are expected from the iPhone 8 from Apple

  • Glass Body design with OLED panels and no front bezels contributing to an edge-to-0edge display.
  • 4K resolution being the bump up from the QHD resolution format which is expected from the iPhone 7S.
  • TouchID and screen embedded fingerprint sensor along with iris scanner for tighter security measures.
  • The iPhone 8 is expected to house the A11 Fusion chipset which is slated to be 27% faster and 40% more battery efficient than the A10 chipset featured in the iPhone 7 variants. Not much information Is available regarding the processor which is still in works at Cupertino at present.
  • The iPhone 8 will feature further ramp ups from the Apple iPhone 7 Plus in the optics department by retaining the dual-lens camera setup but a ramp up in the megapixel count is expected. The front camera is expected to be a retractable one owing to the bezel-less front panel.
  • The iPhone 7 was heavily criticized post the iPhone 7’s removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack and its replacement by Lightning ports. However, the eighth generation iPhone is expected to bring back the headphone jack once it is rolled out. Now whether that would be a hindrance on the water-resistivity front is what is left to be found out.
  • iPhone 8 will come with iOS 11.