Apple iPhone privacy changes bring big layoffs to retail tracking startup


Just a few weeks more and we will be having our hands on iOS 8. The world is going crazy for it, and I’m sure you are one of the crazy fans. An interesting story is coming that NY-based startup had to cut its staff count to one-third of original after knowing that privacy changes in iOS 8 are behaving to make the retail tracking technology obsolete.

Apple iPhone privacy changes bring big layoffs to retail tracking startup

Nomi is a startup that helps retails stores by keeping track of their customers’ spending habits. The startup first tracks the stuff and then creates solutions based on them. Earlier this startup had 60 employees, but after knowing about iPhone privacy changes, it the count had been reduced to 40. It has happened because of small changes in the upcoming iOS 8 which do not let anyone track the repeated visits of customers by using an iPhone.

As per the report of Recode, knowing about privacy changes brought hard time for the Nomi. For now, company has started tracking phone’s MAC address to track the repeated visits so as to continue its efforts to help the retail stores.

Earlier, before the iOS 8, Nomi had to sell the service which allowed the shopping stors to know how many people visited them, where did they show their interest, how much time they spent and in which section and how often they visited that particular shopping store. It was made possible by tracking iPhone’s MAC address. When the iPhone running iOS 8 will search for nearby Wi-Fi networks, it will bear a random MAC address. It will make it impossible for the Nomi and other similar companies to track the repeated visits of customers to any particular shopping center, which will of course affect the companies’ business.

As per CEO of Nomi, Apple is not impressed with its current tracking way and wants to implement the beacons in it. To meet his new change, Nomi is rolling out more iBeacon solutions to the retailers.

It’s worth mentioning here that beacon installations take less time and is not any complex task too. This new change will improve the Apple iPhone users’ experience. Of course, it will impact the Nomi like companies, but Apple does not have any reason to concern about it, right?