Rumors Surrounds iWatch’s Release Date and Features

Apple’s iWatch has been created quite a sensation in the cyber space in the past months. This iWatch will be compatible with the latest iPhone. So if you already own a smartphone then it is time to replace it with Apple’s iWatch that is going to release soon. Hints about the probable release date of iWatch surfaced on its website ‘new product category’ for 2014 were it was hinted that a new product is going to surprise the consumers soon. This smartwatch can be synced with your iPhone and you can check out messages, some apps and use Siri from your wrist watch itself. So once you have the iWatch, you need not take out your iPhone to check the notifications time and again.


The iWatch will be a perfect duo with iPhone 6 as the next iPhone will be bigger in size and difficult to take out time and again to check notifications. Moreover, there are rumors about iWatch boasting fitness tracking and biometric sensors which it has adopted from Nike’s FuelBand SE series.

Probable Release Date of iWatch

No one is particular sure about the release date of iWatch, as Apple has kept it a top secret. Moreover, it would not be justified if we give a wrong release date of a gadget that will keep time. Nonetheless, in all probabilities iWatch is going to release in the month of October as we have heard rumors that mass production of this gadget is going to start from October. However, we also heard rumors that mass production of iWatch is going to start from late September and the gadget is going to be released in the month of November. Lately, we have seen Andriod powered watches making its way into the market, thanks to Samsung and LG, who were the first company to launch these watches. But none of these smartwatches are compatible with iPhones. So we are expecting the iWatch too come any time soon. Another piece of information is also in air i.e. at first 10 million smartwatches are going to be rolled out in the market. But the time span between October to November is too short for manufacturing 10 million watches, so we guess a limited edition of iWatch will be released at first.


What’s the Price of iWatch?

We are not really sure about the price of the iWatch, but we are expecting it to be something around 250 – 300$. This Cupertino brand has involved a number of well known companies who have achieved great heights in biometrics industry to incorporate health related features in this watch. Therefore, it is very obvious that this watch is going to come at a price. Moreover, there will be no contracts tagged along with smartwatch and that will also affect the price of the product.

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The Oomph Factors

We heard rumors that iPhone 6 is going to come with a 4.6 inch or 5.5 inch display. Prior to that we have heard rumors that iWatch will sport a 2.5 inch screen and the screen of the smartwatch will be based on LG’s technology. Previously there has been tie ups between LG and Apple, so even though LG is busy manufacturing its own range of smartwatch, we would not be surprised if we see these two brands getting together.

But the 2.5 inch screen of the iWatch is a bit unpractical as it will be too big for the screen. It might be so that two versions of the same watch will be released so that the consumers have the option to choose the right one according to their need. We are not really sure whether Apple is going to focus on style quotient or fitness features while designing this watch. But we are hopeful that Apple will give equal stress on both these aspects.

Specifications of Apple iWatch

iWatch is probably going to be powered with 1.2 Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor that is also present in Samsung’s Gear Live. We are also expecting it to come with 4 GB internal memory and 512 MB RAM just like its competitor and a sapphire glass screen.



Rumor has it that there are going to be 10 sensors in iWatch which include a altimeter, accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate monitor and many other sensors. Therefore, this watch is also going to act  as your personal fitness trainer. These sensors tagged along with iOS 8’s Health App is going to do wonders for the users.

User Interface

Siri is going to be present in iWatch as well thus assisting you all the time. The ios 8 is expected to come with push messaging feature whereby all the notifications can be viewed in the iWatch itself.

Why Should You Use It?

Apple iWatch is going to be the ultimate companion for your iPhone. It is going to come with capabilities whereby you can check and dismiss unwanted calls or check important notifications. In all probabilities it is also going to come with a built in microphone that will have the capability to identify songs and do many other things.

What Apps Are Going To Be There?

We didn’t get access to the list of apps that will be present in iWatch’s OS, but we guess that it is definitely going to come with the Health app. As a matter of fact the Health App of iOS 8 has been particularly prepared keeping in mind the iWatch. The HomeKit App that helps in connecting different home electronics might be also available in the iWatch. However, if you are expecting the iWatch to come with all the features of iOS 8, then you are mistaken.

Battery Life

Battery life of smart gadget has always been its negative point. None of the smart gadget has more than a day’s battery life. Previously we have heard rumors about the use of a curved battery in iWatch that is going to provide more space that will be required for using a more powerful battery.

This gadget can be charged easily with the help of a wireless charger through magnetic induction.


Consumers are demanding for smartwatches that can be worn in all season and 24×7. Therefore, we are very optimistic that Apple is going to launch a water resistant watch with IP67 certification. This certification will prevent the watch from accidental damages or spills.

We are expecting iPhone 6 to come with all the compatibility features that are present in iOS 8 like new Bluetooth antennas that consume very low energy.

However, we don’t think that the any of the old generation iPhones will be compatible with iWatch. That’s all we have to share with our readers right now. We will update you with the latest news as soon as we hear the latest gossip.