Apple iWatch Rumored to Release Tomorrow: Game Changer or Deal Breaker?


As the unveiling of Apple iWatch is around the corner, the tech pundits and geeks are hoping to get a breakthrough in the arena of wearable.   Reportedly the OEM is working on its wearable device since 2012 but it is only tomorrow, September 9th that we are going to see it in flesh in a much-awaited media event. And no wonder that rumor mill is churning the best-ever piping hot hints and cues straight from the oven!

Apple iWatch

The company has confirmed the event on its website but there has been no news on the launch of its smart watch at all. Though, if rumors are to be believed, this California based company has already started the trademarking process in many countries under the name ‘iWatch’.

The wearable gadgets are often seen as wearable computers attached to a belt or wrist and as the choice of serious tech enthusiasts or calorie-conscious people. Apple would definitely like to break this stereotype and go the mainstream way with its iWatch.

With its iWatch flagship, the company would like to expand its reach to the segment who would like to wear watch just not for the time alone.

What makes the ‘iWatch’ special?

Despite the advent of latest wearable gears like Samsung Galaxy Gear, the Pebble or Sony SmartWatch, we are still the Flintstones of wearable gadgets. The wearables available till now are drastically limited both in terms of functionality and practicality.

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With iWatch, Apple is hoping to recreate and relive the magic it created 13 years ago through iPod. It was not the first to create a digital music player but with the innovative integration of iTunes software and click wheel, it created history.

Similarly, there are numbers of smartwatches available for the users in the market and the company would like to play its cards right this time.

This launch is coming after the four-year long dry spell, which has never happened in the past when Steve Jobs was alive. This device is also the litmus test for Tim Cook.

What to Expect?

Relying on the past history of the company, expect a beauty by all means. Tech people could gorge on the rumored specs meanwhile which include full-fledged iOS, biometrics and other sensors, wireless charging, NFC chip, curved glass and Corning’s new Willow Glass as well as a battery which could last about 4 to 5 days.

According to Bloomberg editors, Peter Burrows & Olga Kharif, you can also make calls, track the identity of callers and check map coordinates. It can also house a pedometer and other health apps. Rumors are also hinting that it may be able to process online payments too and can come in two versions.

Groundbreaking or not, it is up to you to decide. However, Apple customers are classic case of Stockholm syndrome. It is their blind faith and technological innovations that are keeping the flame alight at Apple Inc. headquarters. As Tim Cook said at D11 Conference on May 28, 2013, let us wait and watch if it is that incredible they want us to believe it is!