Apple has Launched iOS 8.1 Beta 2 for Registered iOS Developers


Apple released iOS 8 GM version last month. Since then the OS has been downloaded plenty of times. Responses from users however, have mostly been lukewarm because iOS 8 arrived with a number of bugs.

Apple seems to be very serious about patching all the exploits. The Cupertino giant has fixed the exploits. The company has very recently released iOS 8.1 Beta to the developers. In this article, we’ll discios-8.1-beta-2uss the Beta version (even though there’s not much information to share because the Beta mainly being for official iOS devs).

The Beta is for those who are registered in the iOS developer program. The build is the latest one and its version number is 12B407. The version is said to include bug fixes. It also features a bucket of improvements to iOS.

It should be mentioned in this context that iOS 8.1 Beta 1 had the build no. 12B401 and focused heavily on fixing the bugs. Like the second beta, iOS 8.1 beta 1 software was also restricted to only those who were registered with the official Developer Program of Apple. The process was fairly simple. Registered developers only had to sign in to the iOS Dev Center and locate the IPSW files. Then they could update their test devices with the file.

ios 8.1 beta 2

Users who are currently using iOS 8.1 Beta 1 in their Smartphone can move to Beta 2. The process is not difficult at all. The update will be available through OTA (over the air). To find the update, a user needs to head to Settings and then Software Update. They need to bear in mind that the Delta update is small. Its size ranges between 50MB and 80MB. Because of its small size, it’s very easy to install. Developers who are registered with Apple can find the .ipsw file in the iOS Developer Center and download it.

Other than iOS 8.1 Beta 2, Apple has also released a new build of Apple TV Software and also Xcode 6.1 GM version 2 for developers. iOS 8.1 is strongly expected to bring support for Apple Pay in its devices. The advantage of it will be that Apple Pay supports mobile payments and henceforth making payment by using mobile phones will become very easy.

As for bug fixes, the key troublesome issues are related Wi-Fi, bluetooth connectivity and poor battery performance. The last one is a bit random too and that gives users more trouble. The battery might start having trouble when you need it the most. you can download Facetime for PC.

You must be wondering as to whether iOS 8.1 Beta 2 brings any new feature on the table. No new feature is reported so far by users. Some of the bug fixes however, have been mentioned like iCloud server issue, fixed server side and fixing frame or lag drops in the weather app. One users reported when audio is coming from Netflix to iPad, Siri is trying to answer. We’re not sure whether it’s a bug or not. We need to track forum discussions of iOS users for couple of more days. Then we’ll have a comprehensive idea on the new iOS 8.1 Beta.