Apple Map Flyover City Tour Supports Now Includes 40 Cities


Apple added a new feature to its Map application in June. The feature was called Flyover City Tours. Apple kept the source code of the app hidden but a developer name Pierre Blazquez found the code.

The feature was in the developmental phase when introduced. The feature lets users enjoy a virtual tour of the most sought after tourist destinations of the world. Users get an automated aerial view of the locations.


When the feature was first reported, there were only a handful of cities that were supported by it. Mac4ever reported “At the moment, only the cities of Rome, Stockholm, Barcelona, ​​New York, Paris, Glasgow, Cape Town, Perth, Bordeaux and the Bay of San Francisco are available.”

The latest news is Apple has increased the functionality of the application. The app now covers 40 cities. Users will taken to a whistle-stop tour across the popular districts, heritage buildings and locations of a city. Parks and landmarks will also be covered by the application.

The report came from MacRumors which is credible enough for providing authentic news on Apple. The report says Apple has been extending the support of the Flyover City Tour feature for last two and half months and almost readied it before the official release of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. As of yet, the Flyover feature of iOS is available in 90 locations across the globe.

Other than expanding the list of supported cities, Apple has also introduced a new way identify the supported cities. Previously, names of supported cities were displayed in yellow so users could identify them. But now Apple has changed the display; a tiny 3D icon of the city will now be displayed.

Apple Map Flyover City Tour Supports Now Includes 40 Cities

The expanded list of cities include both famous and not-so-famous cities. Popular cities such as London, Paris and New York are there in the list along with Sacramento (California), Cheyenne, Wyoming and Linköping (Sweden). To enjoy Flyover tours of a landmark, the user needs to tap on the icon of the landmark and then select “Flyover Tour” from the page which will open.

When Apple hosted the Worldwide Developer Conference in June, the Map feature was altogether ignored. In reality however, the Map feature should be getting significant improvements. If reports from unnamed sources are to be believed, Apple’s Map team was suffering from politics within. Other than that, many prominent developers left the company. Some have speculated the Map feature in iOS 8 won’t be that feature rich. However, Apple may bring noteworthy improvements in iOS 8.1.

A report that emerged earlier claimed Apple Map will receive changes such as new points of interest, labels so placed could easily be identified. Augmented reality tools, HealthBook (HealthKit) app integration, etc. Apple’s acquisition of HopStop, BroadMap and Embark fueled this speculation. Unfortunately, Apple Map hasn’t receive those changes.

The most disappointing thing is Apple is holding back multitude of improvement only because of personal issues.

Hopefully, the backlogs will be clear and Apple will be able to compete with Google Map. We’ll keep an eye on the improvements and report to you upon hearing anything new.