Apple Might Hold Some of iOS 8’s Rumoured Features for iOS 8.1


9to5Mac has been aggressively campaigning about the rumoured features of iOS 8 like HealthBook apps, a better SIRI, improvised and user friendly notification center from a long time. But lately, a news report has been published in the same site stating that all the leaked features might not be present in iOS8 and we have to wait till the release of iOS 8.1 to see those unique update.


The WWDC is going to be hosted next month in San Francisco where iOS 8 will be unveiled and it will be launched at a later date this year along with its flagship gadgets. Apple official shave however tipped that the rumoured features that we were contemplating in iOS 8 from last year would not appear in this version of the OS. The irony of the situation is that the arrival of something has been delayed, which has not yet been announced by the developer.

In such circumstance, the scope for contemplating about the features of iOS 8 remains boundless. It might have most of the rumoured features or hardly any of the contemplated features in iOS 8. On the contrary, the latest news is that Apple has allocated some of the experts from the engineering team to develop the OS X. It is expected that the Mac Operating system is going to come with a complete visual overhaul just like we have seen in iOS 7 last year.

Though the blogosphere were bombarded with news about the updated map application of iOS 8, but the latest update is that the transit routing feature in most probability would not be present in iOS 8. Its place will be taken up by improvements of the iCloud which will enable the users to store data in a much more organized and better way. Moreover, we might also get to see song identification feature in iOS 8 with the help of Siri as Apple has already partnered with Shazam to install this feature.

Another new feature that we might get to see in iOS 8 is the ‘multi resolution support’ which will enable the App Store of Apple to be available across all Apple gadgets starting from iPhone or Apple TV. The countdown has already begun and we have to for a few more days to see what iOS 8 has in store for us.

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