Apple to Offer Users Improved Gaming Experience through the iPhone 6 and iOS 8


Few among the many groups waiting anxiously to discover the details of the iPhone 6 have as much riding on the nitty-gritty of the announcement as mobile games developers.

Apple hosted the iPhone 6 Launch Event on September 9, Tuesday. iPhone was showcased at the event; the device will be available for consumer from September 19. The iPhone 6 has just about everything. In our previous articles, we discussed iPhone 6 specs. In this article we’ll talk about a niche topic; mobile gaming.


With iOS 8 and iPhone 6, Apple wants to give users a whole new experience. Different aspects of the new OS and the new iPhone have already been discussed. In this article, we’ll discuss how Apple is going to leverage mobile gaming with their help.

iPhone 6 comes with the new and more powerful A8 SoC. The system-on-chip structure will ease mobile gaming. Apple has touted the A8 SoC to render 50% increase in graphics power. But iPhone 6 Plus will hit the shelves with more than 180% increase in pixel resolution. Some analysts believe users won’t enjoy mobile gaming much on iPhone 6 Plus.

To improve mobile gaming experience, Apple has amassed support from top development companies such as Gameloft, EA, Disney, Ubisoft, Super Evil MegaCorp and Epic. This year, when Apple hosted the WWDC, developers were given an indication that big changes are ahead. At the conference, Apple discussed at length how to develop adaptive apps. But the problem is game developers have very specific requirements.

Because developers needed almost surgical precision due to pixels constituting the resolution of a device’s screen, they often have to code differently for different devices. This is something that mobile game developers are quickly getting accustomed to. Because all iPhones released so far had small to medium size screens, iOS developers never really had to deal with the problem of developing app for a device with 5.5 inch screen.

Android game developers have an upper hand here because many Android phones have 5.5 inch screen. Some have 5.7 and even 5.9 inch screen. The problem of iOS developers have been explained by Tony Warriner. He said “For me the larger screen size is the single biggest weakness of the iPhone neatly dealt with.” Warriner is the developer of the game called Broken Sword, which is one of the most sought after iOS games and have been sold million times.

Good news for iOS game developers is iOS 8 has the Metal graphics API. About the API, Apple’s spokesperson said “Metal enables incredibly high performance for sophisticated graphics rendering and computational tasks.” Normally, conventional graphics APIs consist of bottlenecks which make developers dependent on computing power of a device. One iOS game called Vain Glory is based on the Metal graphic API. The quality has been described as at par with console graphics.

Thus, iOS game developers need not worry. Besides, with time Apple will add new features to ease them. Apple’s estimate is the mobile app market will add $86 billion to the world GDP in 2014 and a sizable portion of it comes from mobile gaming.