Apple to Officially Release the iOS 8 on September 17


Our tone of writing was quite optimistic when we ascertained the release of the final version of iOS 8 on the first week of September. But man proposes, ‘Apple Inc’ disposes.

iOS 8 was expected to be formally released at the media event hosted by Apple on Sept 9. Apple didn’t officially release iOS 8 but has started to seed the Gold Master version to developers following the event. Per latest reports, iOS 8 will be officially released on Sept 17. Two days from the release, iPhone 6 will hit the stores.

Anyone using iPhone 4S and above could download iOS 8. The newest member in the iOS family is Apple’s second major release, which is designed by Jony Ive, the head designer at Apple Inc and Craig Federighi, the software head.


Apple’s present CEO Tim Cook promised consumers that iOS 8 will be different. He made this promise a year ago. As a result, investors, consumers and analysts all have been looking forward to yesterday’s product launch event that took place at the Flint Performing Arts Center. After the demise of Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple Tim Cook took responsibility of Apple’s CEO. Since then Apple has been trying to venture into new avenues. This attempt hasn’t been successful yet. In emerging markets, iOS devices are continued to be outpaced by Android devices.

Having said that, it was Cook’s idea to introduce HealthKit in iOS 8, which many experts have regarded as a future tool to revolutionize the health and fitness industry. The iOS run wearable device is another contribution by CEO Cook. Making iPhone 6 enable for mobile payments can also be regarded as an achievement by Cook.

On the software front, iOS 8 has impressed users by a new and eye-catching design. Truth is, the work began from the time of iOS 7 release. Designer John Ive started the new design which was first reflected in iOS 7. The overall design was flatter, features such as AirDrop, iTunes Radio, Automatic Updates were introduced. iOS 8 starts by taking lead from iOS 7’s design.

iOS 8 is focused more on functionality than visual appearance. Apple is dishing out a gamut of features with iOS 8. Other than that, iOS 8 addresses some of the long-standing issues that were ignored by the previous versions. One of them is with the notification system of iOS. The native SMS client messaging is another. The most notable is perhaps improved synchronization between different iOS run devices and between iOS 8 and OS X.

iOS 8 features like Handoff give us indication of what Apple is up to. Handoff is a new addition to iOS ecosystem. It allows users begin a task on an iPhone and then finish it on a different iOS device or on an OS X run device.

The HealthKit is undoubtedly the most exciting feature of iOS 8. It functions as a repository of health and fitness related data. It also tracks a user’s health activities so he stays alert of emergencies. In short, iOS 8 is all about performances.

September 17 is only a couple of days away. So keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned for our report on the official release of iOS 8