Apple Pay Setup Screen is Discovered Inside Passbook in iOS 8.1 Beta 2


Apple has released the second version of iOS 8.1 yesterday for registered iOS developers. As we’ve reported, the second beta release is not much different from the first beta in terms of feature. Hours after the second beta release however, we’ve received some exciting news.


An iOS developer called Hamza Sood has discovered Apple Pay setup screen in the Passbook app. He has also discovered iPads that are Touch ID enabled, get the same setup screen but nowhere it mentions paying in stores. After the release of the first iOS 8.1 Beta, Hamza Sood has discovered Apple Pay Setup screen in the Settings app.

How the setup prompt within Passbook is like? It is almost similar to the setup prompt that adds passes. Oftentimes naive users couldn’t figure out what a service actually is. The setup prompt provides them with a link that takes users to the page where they can input and scan their credit cards for making payments. Prospective users have two choices. The first is to manually input their credit card details by typing on the keyboard. The second is taking a photo of the card making the input automatically.

The setup screen in the iPad is the same as in the iPhone. However, there’s no mention of the ability to use Apple Pay in retail stores. That’s because current iPads don’t contain the NFC technology. NFC is required to use Apple Pay and there’s no indication as whether or not it would be included in the next versions of iPad. Apple Pay also requires Touch ID. The existing iPad models don’t have Touch ID. Analysts however strongly expect the future iPad models to arrive with Touch ID home button.

Before Apple seeded iOS 8.1, it was thought to include Apple Pay. On Apple’s part, it hasn’t yet made any change within the two Beta versions that have been seeded to developers. Actually Apple has played a masterstroke. For a long time, the Cupertino giant has been preparing the most riveting features behind the curtain. Apple Pay is not the only thing, fixing bugs is another important thing that iOS 8.1 has brought in.

Users might wonder whether the setting of Apple Pay in the second iOS 8.1 Beta is better than that in the first Beta. It was Hamza Sood who after the release of iOS 8.1 Beta 1 shared a screenshot of a Settings pane that is hidden and has Apple Pay inside. It will allow users to manage their credit and debit cards, provided the cards are linked with Apple Pay. They Settings pane also enables users define their default card, phone no., email address and billing and shopping address.

Apple Pay in iOS 8.1 Beta 1 allowed users to authenticate payments made by credit/debit cards at ease. The Setting screen also links to privacy disclosure and informs users all their card details will be sent to Apple for detecting fraudulent attempts.

The security arrangements in Apple Pay in iOS 8.1 Beta 2 isn’t bad. To know how robust it is, we probably have to wait for few more days when the new beta version will be fully explored.