Apple Provides iOS 8 Beta 6 to Carrier testing Partners


The 6th beta version of iOS 8 was released today by Apple, reports BGR. However, this version of the optimized and almost complete OS was only send with the carrier partners of Apple and not with any of the developers. That has led us to conclude that Apple is almost ready with its next generation OS and therefore it has decided not to share the sixth version of the software with the developers. In the language of the developers, a ‘Golden Master’ of ‘GM’ version of the software is ready for the ultimate face-off in the public, and in all probabilities developers have figured that out and it is the exact alike of the one that is shipped along with the product.

ios beta 6

It was also stated that the 6th beta version of the iOS 8 software must be tested by all the carriers by 5th September, 2014. Since iPhone 6 powered by iOS 8 is expected to arrive in a press event on September 9th that would be only a few days away from the last testing day of the software.

Since the iOS 8 was revealed in Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2014, five beta versions of iOS 8 has been sent across to the developers to check whether all the features were working properly and to let them upgrade third party software accordingly. Moreover, along with iOS 8, beta versions of OS X Yosemite was also released and made available to the developers. However, last Monday only OS X Yosemite was supplied to the developers.

BGR also reported that on Monday itself, the sixth beta version of the iOS 8 platform that was supplied to the carriers was rejected immediately as YouTube was not functioning appropriately when opened using Safari browser. There were also reports that in this version of the software changes were made to deal with problems like excessive data usage while using iCloud Sync and Maps. Moreover, developers has also made amendments in the sixth version of iOS 8 so that syncing between iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite become all the more easier, specially with regard to syncing the mail app of the two platforms.

We are expecting Apple to provide the GM version of iOS 8 to the developers on the day of its release itself along with iPhone 6 i.e. on 9th September. We have seen Apple following this routine and so we are expecting Apple to follow the same routine this year as well. Moreover, in the past years we have seen Apple releasing its mobile operating system in the market two days prior to the release of the gadget i.e. iPhone 6 and we are expecting the same for iOS 8 as well. Therefore, we can predict that iOS 8 would be released in the market in 17th September, 2014 and followed by iPhone 6’s release on 19th September.

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