Apple to Release iOS 8 Beta 5 on August 4 with Exciting Features and Bug Fixes

iOS 8 beta 4

Apple has released 4 beta versions of iOS 8 so far. And as per BGR’s report iOS 8 beta 5 is scheduled to release on August 4. If we are to believe BGR’s source, Apple is on the verge of closing iOS 8 testing cycle. On 15th of August the company will release iOS 8 beta 6. After that we’d have to wait for a month or so. iOS 8 full version will arrive for users in late September.


iOS 8 beta 4 has been the most stable version. Most vexing issues that plagued iOS  8 beta 1 and beta 2 have been fixed in beta 4. Other than bug fixing, beta 4 comes with UI changes and new design. Most importantly, the latest beta version sports new apps that are slated to arrive with the final version. iOS 8 Beta 4 was released for download on July 21, Monday.

iOS 8 beta packs an application called Tips. Couple of months ago a screenshot of iOS 8 was leaked. The screenshot showed an app that goes by the name of Tips. The app not only offers users shortcuts but also lets them exploit some features which they wouldn’t have been able to exploit otherwise. The list of shortcuts and timesaving ways includes responding to iMessage in the iOS 8 notification itself and operating the voice assistant software Siri without having to press any button.

Tips offers users another facility. Perhaps to justify its name; users can give their feedback on particular tips that are being provided to them by the app. The app will feature two options once the full version of the OS launches. The two options will be ‘Helpful’ and ‘Not Helpful’. The current beta version only allows users to like a tip. The functionality of the app will extend after the fall release of iOS 8. There are total of six tips in iOS 8 beta 4. It was however promised by Apple that every week a new tips will be added into the list.

The build number of iOS 8 beta 4 is 12A4331d. There are multiple ways a user can get hold of iOS 8 beta. The legitimate way is through the official iOS Developer Center. They need to have iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device and iOS developer account. The beta can also be downloaded from UDID activation sites and installed. Other notable releases by Apple are Xcode 6 beta 4, OS X Yosemite, Apple TV beta.

Being a user how would you be sure that your device is compatible with the newest iOS version? Well, you can rest assured, the good news is only one devices is incompatible and that is iPhone 4. All other devices like iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5C, iPod touch fifth-gen, iPad 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina Display, iPad 3 and 4.
Apple was earlier rumored to scrape iPad 2 from the list of compatible devices. Actually, Apple doesn’t allow old devices get new updates. But iPad 2 users can be happy that they’d get iOS 8 update. As for iPhone 4, the device is no longer available in retail stores. So dropping it off the list makes sense.