Apple release iOS 8 Beta 5 for developer : Download Now

iOS 8 beta 4

Good news for the iOS fans! The Cupertino recently made the fifth beta unveiled for iOS 8 that packs a remarkable revamps, fixes, changes with the beat tool that was initially put the wraps off earlier on June 2.


iOS 8 beta 5 as of its earlier attempts involves various basic interface modifications made to make the operating system a more efficient and revamped product. Don’t worry, we have come up with the complete line-up of the improvements those have been stacked with the latest beta release.

Features of iOS 8 Beta 5:

 Snaps, iCloud look enhanced:

The snaps are much improved with the notification regarding last upgraded that informs the users regarding the time the snaps were synced to the iCloud. In addition, there is setting options available to bring the highest resolution snaps completely in iCloud making the device enhanced editions available on the iPhone. Eventually, it avoids excess usage of the memory.

The iCloud part of the Settings has now got a fresh look. The entire iCloud icon has been upgraded making a white cloud available replacing the blue.

Dialing contacts through Siri is now functional exclusively with the recent developer seed builds. Earlier developer seed builds don’t work with the feature anymore.  The latest beta has not much interesting in terms of extension. In fact, it is at its best with earlier.

Health Application:

In accordance with the latest beta, the Health application for Cupertino now receives Spirometry information. These Spirometry tests are done for manipulating lung activities. It checks the amount and rate of air flow through the respiration process. It has now made available with various latest icons.  The app is now able to send health report. The best part is that the users can be more personalised through the security settings in Settings application.

Latest with WiFi, and keypad toggle:

Upon going with the Wi-Fi calling, the T-Mobile WiFi is now available at the top of the display.

 The texting is much enjoyable now with the option over the keypad to deal with the probable texts.

SMS Relay:

A notification appears for the Ios 8 users that is regarding their phone numbers for message Relay on their MacBooks. This is one of the latest and much user oriented tweak for the Ios 8.

Enhancement Settings:

The contrast knob is no more there with the Setting app. You can now alter the display contrast through the Display and Brightness section part of the application that was included in the earlier Ios 8 beta.


The least user interface view port characteristic is not anymore supported with the Ios 8. The latest beta is much more demonstrative than the earlier. The application wants the iCloud privilege to be capable of being used as an information sender.


However, even more features are expected to be made available with the Ios 8. According to the source, more upgrades are probably going to hit the OS in regular time intervals with the aim of sparking the efficiency level prior the official launch of the Operating system. As we know the beta versions are made available for the developers to play with, but the latest one certainly has something for the common users.