Apple has Rolled Out iOS 8.2 Beta 5 for iOS Developers


If you have loved the hitherto released iOS 8.2 beta versions, then you are sure to love the latest beta release also. It was only four days back when Apple has made iOS 8.2 Beta 5 available to iOS developers. As the weak concludes, we’ve gathered plenty of information on the newest iOS 8.2 Beta, which we’re going to share with you.

Apple has Rolled Out iOS 8.2 Beta 5 for iOS Developers

Before we begin, allow us to enlighten you with some interesting facts about iOS 8.2 Beta 5. In case you haven’t been keeping track, its build number is 12D5480a. Most iOS Beta versions have had a life cycle that was less than five releases. In recent times, only iOS 7.0 and iOS 8.0 have had more than five beta releases. A lot of experiments must going down there inside the iOS lab.

There’s no indication from Apple that Beta 5 will precede the GM version release, which is why it won’t be unusual if Apple is found out to have been having few more up its sleeve. Apple has always been meticulous about improving the quality of its product, when it comes to iOS, the entire build, the app framework and connectivity options are what Apple normally gives some thought.

As for the features, the iOS 8.2 beta 5 brings two essential ones to the table; one is enhanced performance and the other is bug fixes. It’s pretty much pointless to go through Apple’s changelog because it doesn’t give too many details.

The bug fixes have mostly to do with Bluetooth, WiFi and battery. The last beta versions had a buggy version of the Calendar feature. The beta 5 will come with a fix. It’s indication is under the ‘Calendar’ section, the release note of the feature reads “Fixed in beta 5 – 3rd party calendar sync does not work in this beta.” On beta 4, the first part, i.e. “Fixed in beta 5” was omitted, which means probably on the next beta or on the GM version, the bug will be fixed.

Apart from bug fixes, the beta files reveals information about the touted Watch from Apple. iOS 8.2 Beta 5 tells us there will be five categories in the upcoming iWatch. The five major categories will be messages, contacts, health, calendar and “more”. The “Settings” item will enable iWatch users set their devices anyway they want. They can set up their preferred contact lists and decide which people are to be blocked and who’d receive messages and notifications, displayed on an iWatch.

Users will set up their own rules as to how notifications will arrive and how the receivers will receive them. There are related to message settings and users will be able to customize those settings.

Apple earned a lot of praise when iOS 8 featured HealthKit, a centralized hub for health apps. The iWatch will carry on the same lineage; it will let users set up the display of notifications, reminders and alerts. They’ll also be able to either enable or disable achievements in the settings menu. The layout of the app will also be customizable.

In the forthcoming days, we’ll get hold of more information regarding iOS 8.2 and be able to speculate whether beta 5 will wrap things up or there will be ensuing beta releases. For all those, who want to download the update, it’s 260MB in size, and it can be downloaded by following the below-mentioned simple steps;

Go to Settings, then General and then click on Software Update. The only that you need to make sure before opting for the download is that you should be a registered developer. Of course there are other ways to bypass such stringency, but that discussion should better be saved for another day.