Apple Sends Invitations for September 9 Event; expected to launch iPhone 6


Millions of people have been waiting for next iPhone device for past few months. It seems that the curiosity is finally going to meet a pleasuring end. Apple’s launch event is going to be held soon, and the tech giant is expected to launch much-awaited iPhone 6 in it.

apple_iphone6_event_loopinsightApple’s launch event will be held on 9 Sept, in which company is expected to launch iPhone 6 and a smartwatch which is supposed to be called iWatch. The event will be in Silicon Valley, which is the same place where around 30 years ago, Steve Jobs wrapped off first Mac computer. This was from where journey of Apple started.

Apple has been launching new devices in these type of events since 2007. It has helped company earn brand name and great exposure to its products. If the experts are to be believed, this time’s event is most anticipated, and millions of eyes are waiting for it with immense eagerness.

We all are eager to see Apple’s first wearable tech which is supposed to be called iWatch. Other big names like Samsung, LG are already into the wearable tech making, so it would be pretty interesting to see what competition product from Apple delivers to it.

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Just like Apple did in past, we’ve not got any clues about what is going to launch in event in succinct white invitation which is sent to all reporters and other people. “Wish we could say more,” is what Apple has written in it, so it means we all will have to wait for the event’s date.

Event has been scheduled to be held in an auditorium which is about 3 miles from its Cupertino, California headquarters. 2,300 people can be seated here easily, which is better capacity than the places Apple has used so far for its events.

As you know, previous iPhone device came up with 4-inch screen size. Since Apple gained an incredible love with it, so experts believe the company to bless iPhone 6 with even bigger size. 4.7-inch is screen size expected to see in iPhone 6, which, as per experts, will help company give tough competition to big size devices launched by Samsung and other Android device makers. The rumors even claim ‘another’ variant of iPhone 6 with 5.5-inch screen size.

Since current smartphone audience loves to buy devices with bigger screen size, coming up with this facility will help company get more new customers which will rock the sales graph for sure. Experts believe Apple to sell at least 70 million units of iPhone 6 in just a few months of its release.

While a majority of people are waiting for iPhone 6 to be launched in event, many are curious to see company’s first wearable tech which has been rumored for many months now.

We have had talks about iWatch coming from Apple. The talks give us idea about upcoming Apple-branded smartwatch, but we can’t make any guess about what interesting would be there in it. As for now, we’ve just got experts’ advice which claim the iWatch to come up with health related features, like better tracking and syncing with internet-connected devices.

Apple has been criticized as ‘company empty of any ideas’, because it’s been long since it launched any device. Apple has just been adding new features to its old devices. The investors doubt if the company is left with no innovate ideas? Launch of iWatch or whatever it would be called, will help Apple come out of the dirty well of criticism.

Just like a regular die-hard fan of Apple, we all are eagerly waiting for the event to held so that we can finally know what new is there in Apple’s lap. We will be covering that event and will keep you posted on this blog. Keep visiting!