Expected Release Date of iOS 8 in 2014


Apple has followed the trend of launching an advanced operating system along with its next generation iPhone. We are expecting Apple to continue with the same trend in the upcoming year as well and that brings to the question that when can we expect the next iOS. The latest edition of iOS i.e. the iOS 7 was initially released in September, 2013 and its subsequent revised versions like iOS 7.0.4 and 7.1 Beta 2 were released successively in the month of November and December respectively. Therefore, it is understandable that it is too early for Apple to make any comments on the release date of the next version of its iOS. However, that would not stop us from speculating about the probable release date of the iOS 8.

Apple Introduces Two New iPhone Models At Product Launch

Analysts are of the opinion that we do not have wait till September, 2014 or a later date to see the next iPhone. Piper Jaffray, an eminent analyst of Gene Muster is of the opinion that the price of the share of Apple has fallen a lot in the last two years, especially with the entry of other smartphone manufacturer like Samsung, Sony and HTC. Therefore, it is high time for Apple to pull up its socks and make a grand return to regain back its position in the smartphone market. They further contemplated that the iPhone 6 is going to be one of the smash hit smartphone that’s going to create history next year and therefore Apple would not delay the release of the iPhone to the last quarter of 2014 so that it can compete with the other brands.

This analysis helps us to contemplate the date of the release of iOS 8 as well. Since every year the release of iPhone is preceded by the launch of the newest version of the OS, in all probabilities we are going to see it early June, 2014.

Moreover, iOS 7 was launched in the Worldwide Developers Conference 2013 along with the OS X Mavericks and MacBook Air. Therefore, a similar thing might happen this year as well. In 2014 it is scheduled to take place in the second week of June in San Francisco, USA. It is the most ideal time for releasing the next edition of iOS. Moreover, it also matches with opinion of the analyst. Therefore, we can draw the conclusion that iOS 8 will be unveiled in June, 2014 in all probabilities. We are surely going to keep the readers updated as soon as we get further information.


  1. […] iOS platforms are one of the best and oldest OS that have been used in smartphones, since the inception of the concept of smartphones. Other OSs have developed based on the concept of iOS. This year, the seventh edition of the iOS platform i.e. iOS 7 was released and some major changes have taken place as far as the design of the interface is concerned. Function wise it has almost remained similar to the previous one, with some minor additions. This has triggered widespread discussions amongst the tech buffs, with regard to the changes that they would like to see in the next generation iOS platform. Moreover, analysts have also started to contemplate the probable date when the iOS 8 will be released in 2014. […]

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