Apple TV Software Version Mimics iOS 8 and Benefits Users


Apple has just released iOS 8. As promised by Apple, iOS 8 not only comes with a bucket of state-of-the-art features but also with improved synchronization between all iOS run devices. If you start doing something on your iPhone 5S, you can finish it on your Mac computer.

Apple TV and ios 8

This synchronization facility adds flavor to the dish because having multiple iOS run devices means smooth transition of data from one device to another device. Apple’s devices are somewhat similar. You have Apple TV that has altogether different interface from iPhone/iPad but the hardware inside the set top box isn’t much different.

As for the software, Apple TV Software Version 7.0 has been introduced by Apple. The software is really the ‘iOS 8’ for Apple TV. Apple has just given it a fancy name. The new software is satisfactorily skeuomorphic. It was designed with special attention to texture. The previous interface had thicker fonts and transparent buttons. The new software changes the design and makes it iOS 7 and iOS 8 alike.

Users may feel surprised as Apple TV gets a number of iOS 8 features. The design is one of them. Another is Family Sharing. We’ve talked about it earlier. The feature allows members of a family with different Apple IDs to share purchases between them.

A new Beats Music channel is a delightful addition. Apple has bought Beats Electronics this year. The acquisition has helped Apple to stream music. About this feature, Zac Hall of 9to5Mac said “the update also includes a newly added Beats Music channel for the subscription streaming music service Apple purchased earlier this year.”

Any device that runs on iOS can work with AirPlay even if they don’t share the same Wi-Fi network. A makeshift wireless network can be formed by the two iDevice and streaming can be done through that network. As far as security is a concern, users will be facilitated by the built-in security feature of Apple TV. Apple TV users could prevent unidentified iPhones from sharing their network.

Can you install iOS 8 on Apple TV? Yes, you can. But here’s the crux; you can only install iOS 8 on a third gen Apple TV. The model launched in March 2012. It was revised in 2013. The second generation Apple TV and the third generation Apple TV look all the same. The hardware in the second generation TV however is very slow. The TV can render only 720 pixels video.

Perhaps that’s the reason the update is not given to the second generation Apple TV. For the time being, you can work on it with its installed channels. But it’s recommended for you to download and install the update via the set top box. The set top has an inbuilt software updater. So you can install iOS 8 seamlessly.

The iCloud Photo Library will be available on Apple TV. Will it serve users. Yes it will. Users can store entertainment related files on the iCloud. They don’t have to save it separately on their iPhone or iPad and then move it to the TV.

All in all, the Apple TV software update will benefit users in various ways. The iOS 8 experience will continue even when they leave their iPhone or iPad and watch something on the TV.