Apple Watch: Apple of the Eye or Just a Passing Fad? The Verdict.


 Apple Watch is expected to fill the void between the expectations and perception of the wearable devices which our generation was facing. About a couple of days after its launch, let us see how this wearable device from the Cupertino based company fares.

Apple Watch Apple of the Eye or Just a Passing Fad

Apple has been very strict in protecting the information of new products which are yet to be launched. The exceptional silence over the launch of smartphones gave in way to the rumor mills and the reverie of the loyal fans who were hoping it to recreate the magic of first ever iPhone.

It is to be noted that it is the first wearable device from the company. On the other hand, we have a dozen of failed cases of watches trying to be smart, from the likes of Samsung, Swatch and LG. The actual jurisdiction still lies with the users but here are my two cents.

For the starters, the Apple Watch can take calls, receive message, play music for you and serves as a digital wallet for online mobile payment via Apple Pay and is laced with several sensors to track your heart rate. The watch come in six straps which also includes the premier model of 18-carat gold and sports edition.

At the price tag of $349, it is expected to be released for public in early 2015. Trying to exploit the waiting-to-be-explored segment of wearable, it is the major product launch after the year 2010 when iPad was launched.

So, the iPod had clickwheel, Mac had the mouse and iPhone featured touchscreen. What does Apple Watch has? It has a tiny knob called digital crown and a Taptic engine which lets the user communicate. Such pretty little things and its interface make it a lot different than the crowd of trying-hard-to-be smartwatches.

Well, by the looks of it, it is a plain Jane. It is a balloon shaped clunky watch which when compared to the Moto 360, looks like erm…duh.  The giant-leveled edges and the proportions make it a distant cousin of iPod Nano. Those, who love to fidget with buttons, this smartwatch from Apple does not rely on the tiny touchscreen alone thankfully. The digital crown let you scroll through and zoom the screen. A little push can take you to the main screen and magnifies the content on small screen. This is Epic!

The interface solves the chunky part of OEMs’ problem, which was the placement of buttons in the thinner smartphones. The Apple Watch uses clickwheel for the operations. This is Smart!

You can communicate through the sapphire glass touchscreen or through Siri who is there to take your messages and notifications. And the third method of interaction is the tiny electrodes lined up on the screen which can read up to three dimensions. This means that the watch can understand what you speak and not what the vocabulary says. This is Different!

The OEM uses intuition-based touch in its flagship wearable device which is a big paradigm shift from the Apple’s grid-based logic. It is non-linear set of interactions, completely different from the seamless pattern which we are used to see in Android devices.

All in all, Apple Watch is the aggregation and synergy of all the smartwatches available in the market. The engineers have tried to knit a pattern here. It carries the swipe-to-glance, voice-activated control and notification features from Google Android Wear watches. The built-in features of voice calling and apps are inherited from Samsung’s Tizen OS watches.

The only thing which is capable to spoil the entire experience of users is its limited compatibility. Only an iPhone user can enjoy the advanced capabilities of the smartwatch.

However, the time will decide the fate of Apple’s ambitious project. Till then, it looks like a beautiful, big and exciting risk to us.