Apple wearable to run third-party apps


Rumors about Apple’s wearable device have been in the air for long. The latest in the rumor mill is something quite enticing. As per two sources that claim to have knowledge of upcoming product, the wearable device by Apple will come up with the support for third-party apps, and may even have App Store in it. It’s yet to know that if the App Store meant for it will be something special housing those apps that support wearable device, or will be the one that you get on iPhone or iPad?


Apple SDK (Software Development Kit) for wearables has already been seeded to high-profile and popular services and social networks who have got apps on iPhone and iPad App Store. It has been seeded under strict non-disclosure agreements. As per the source, Facebook is one of those developers having access to pre-release SDK. iOS 8-optimized version of Facebook is also said to be in the developing process.

As per the source, Apple is looking forward to showcase some third-party apps at Tuesday’s event, and that’s why it has seeded the SDK to developers. Early versions of SDKs were provided to a few developers lately. To give you an example, iPhone SDK’s demonstration included apps for companies like AOL. With the first iPad in 2010, fancy gaming and some other apps were demonstrated. So, it won’t be anything to surprise if Apple showcases apps for its upcoming wearable at the upcoming launch event.

As per the various reports, Apple’s wearable is likely to hit the market by the start of next year. This will give enough time to developers to test the new hardware by Apple and develop apps meant for it specifically. As per the source, Apple wearable device’s SDK is tied to latest iOS 8 and make use of Handoff, and Widgets that are meant for the iPhone users. This is done to make the users transfer the intended data from their iPhone to the Apple’s wearable in smooth and fast manner.

Mapping functionality will be key component of new device’s software, according to sources. Apple has been working on its wearable tech for past some time. We expect many amazing features to be part of it.

By the way, what do you think? Can Apple show its magic in wearable tech part? Can it be threat to companies already in the business? Let’s discuss on it in the comment section.