Apple will Bring Voice-to-Text Feature Through Siri in iOS 8


The tech industry is geared up for the release of iOS 8, which is slated to take place in September this year. Apple has already released 4 beta versions and if industry sources are to believe, two more beta versions are yet to release before the final launch of iOS 8. The first beta was very unstable, the second was comparatively more stable but it had other problems. In the the third beta freeze fix was a huge issue. The fourth beta is not only the most stable version so far, it also arrived with some intriguing features.

Apple will Bring Voice-to-Text Feature Through Siri in iOS 8

One of those features is Tips. It offers users shortcuts when they are to use other apps. Another impressive feature is real time voice-to-text. It was heard earlier from unnamed sources that Apple will introduce a new voice-to-text feature with iOS 8. The feature will allow real time transcription of speech and users will be able to see it. The existing iOS versions offer users dictation facility through the personal voice assistant software Siri. Users can dictate anything and Siri will jot it down. But users won’t be able to see what is being transcribed. But the voice-to-text feature in iOS 8 will show every single word that is being typed. The benefit of this is that you could easily spot the mistakes and rectify them instantly.

A video was uploaded on YouTube which shows how the voice-to-text feature actually works. The video shows at the bottom of the iPhone there’s an icon of a sound system. User needs to click on that icon and the feature will be activated and will show them ‘Done’ right at the bottom of the screen. On the top of the screen, they can see ‘New Message’. They can also see sound waves moving through at the bottom. As they start speaking, the speech will be captured by the phone in the form of text message. When the user feels the message is composed, he just needs to click on the ‘Done’ and and the voice-to-text transcription will stop.

When using iOS dictation feature, a user needs to wait until the note is completely done to see the message that is transcribed. It has long been a downside of using Siri. Thanks to iOS 8, it won’t bug users anymore. iOS 7 does offer users real time transcription. But the facility is not available in iOS messaging. If a user wants to send a text message to someone, he’d type in the old-fashioned way. This however is going to be changed after iOS 8 steps in.

The voice-to-text feature will make dictation easier for users and less frustrating at the same time. If Android devices fail to offer users such a facility, they’ll surely lag behind in the race. Moreover, the feature will be especially helpful for writers. Writers don’t have to spend a lot time editing and they don’t even have to type.

There’s perhaps another reason behind Apple’s making dictation more improvised. Apple is currently pushing CarPlay and equipped with the feature it will be very helpful to the drivers.