Apple’s HealthKit Encounters a Bug on the Day of iOS 8 Release


HealthKit is perhaps the most touted feature that iOS 8 has brought around. HealthKit provides third party health and fitness apps with a centralized platform. However, Apple made it clear on Wednesday they found a bug in HealthKit.


Third party health and fitness app developers are ready to build apps for HealthKit. But the bug deters them from doing so. We’ll discuss the bug in details, but before that let’s introduce HealthKit to those, who haven’t heard about it.

iOS 8 comes with a stupendous tracking tool called HealthKit. It is a completely new tool. The iOS 7 may look similar to iOS 8 but it doesn’t have any powerful feature like the HealthKit. The tool will pull data from the native health apps of iOS 8. Information like heart rate or calorie burn will be tracked. Information pulled from one app will be viewed by other apps, resulting a detailed and integrated vision.

The tool can share a patient’s health details with his doctor. Apple has rightly described it by saying “It just might be the beginning of a health revolution.”

After the bug was found in HealthKit, it seems Apple has no other way than to put the revolution on halt. The app developers are now deliberately deferring the launch of HealthKit compatible apps. Apple has started to seed iOS 8 to end users on Wednesday. Developers also planned to launch compatible apps on that very day. But it got delayed due to the bug.

Apple however, assured developers. The Cupertino giant said“We’re working quickly to have the bug fixed in a software update and have HealthKit apps available by the end of the month.” One of the developers who planned to launch a fitness app is Brian Mueller. The app he developed is called Carrot Fit. He said due to the delay, he’d have to resubmit the app.

It must be mentioned that HealthKit is actually separate new health app in iOS 8. The new iOS 8 health app gives users access to a dashboard that contains data related to a user’s health and fitness. The new health app is working fine, it’s not affected by any bug.

Without doubt, the delay in third party health app launch due to HealthKit bug is unfortunate. Earlier, Apple has categorically said it is interested to create a foothold in the health and fitness industry. Apple not only made partnership with different fitness app development companies, but also with some non-profit organizations like Johns Hopkins University.

Apple is probably the first Smartphone company that wants to cash in on the health and fitness market. The market is a stable one and with the advent of new apps, it is growing everyday. The idea behind HealthKit deserves praise and has every potential to strike gold. The hyped iWatch by Apple will also run HealthKit and aid users in working out.

It all got delayed due to a bug; that’s indeed a matter of worry. Apple shouldn’t look for quick fixes, rather do a wholesome health check and make sure HealthKit stays completely bug free.