The Beautiful combining feature concept design of iOS 8


The top tech giant Apple unveiled its latest OS, iOS 7 last year at the Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developer’s Conference) that was held on June 10th 2013. This new iOS was released with company’s Apple iPhone 5 which successfully took the masses under its charm. The enhanced functionality as well as the looks were successful to spread their magic all over the world with an ease. But it has not been even a year and we have started hearing about various concepts that Apple is planning to include in its next OS update, i.e. in iOS 8. Here we are going to flash some light on one of the recently released concept related to iOS 8 update.

The New Multitasking Feature

The control center that Apple has provided in its brand new iOS 7 is already so much popular and allowed the people to access most of the functions and settings very quickly. The multitasking feature was also rebuilt into a carl like carousel that showed the screenshot of each and every running application. But now we have the brand new iOS concept in front of our eyes designed by Bill Labus who has re-imagined and re invented these two features by merging then into one and thus providing a lot more quicker access to the multitasking as well as Control Center.

ios8-concept designFrom the developer

Bill said that the double clicking on the home screen again and again irritated him a lot there was a noticeable delay in the  second click as well as in the appearing of the multitasking view. Many times most of us even click it thrice in haste resulting to undesirable opening of apps. The bottom edge gesture of this new iOS is faster as well as very easy to perform. “However as I said I do use Control Center frequently as well, so I wouldn’t necessarily want to swap the two and use the home button double click to bring up Control Center.” He added.

In the end bill said that he combined both of the two features and tied the viewing of multitasking applications directly with the gesture that allows the users to manipulate it directly as well as avoids them to wait for the passive animation to complete fully before it could interact with them.

There is a video on the YouTube that demonstrates this beautiful concept. In the video the users could see that how a simple swipe up gesture starting from the bottom is able to bring up the Control Center and displays the running applications at the same time. Having the multitasking function available with the help of this gesture is going to give a much required rest to the home button and will definitely prevent it from falling off the chassis.

Check out concept design video of iOS 8


However, the feature which combines the control center and multitasking does not goes away without the drawbacks. There is obviously less space left after combining both of the features but a decent amount of balanced situation could be handled by the user, especially if he or she can decide the applications whose controls are features just below the screenshot of the running application.