Some of The Best Free and Paid Keyboard Apps on iOS 8


One of the most astonishing things about iOS 8 is third party keyboard support. Apple has surprised everyone by adding third party keyboard support to the successor of iOS 7.


Android users have always been able to install third party keyboards to their Smartphones and Tabs. Thanks to Apple, now iOS users can also enjoy the freedom of selecting the keyboard which works best for them.

However, not all users are fully aware of the said feature in iOS 8.     Many of them don’t know which are the best iOS 8 keyboards to make typing seamless. In this article, we’ll discuss that.

Some of the most celebrated third party keyboards which could yield an amazing experience for the users are listed below;

Swiftkey keyboard

Swiftkey keyboard is free. It is a very popular Android keyboard. Before the release of iOS 8, Swiftkey was only available in Google Playstore. But now, iOS users can download and install it from the App Store. SwiftKey is popular because it can learn from a user’s style of writing. As it learns, it provides autocorrect and word predictions which are fully accurate. And that’s not all! Swiftkey learns very fast.

If you use Swiftkey, you won’t make any typo. The autocorrect will fix that for you and even insert words into places which you’ve missed. The biggest benefit of using Swiftkey is perhaps the alternate typing. Swiftkey allows users type by sliding from one letter to another. If you are bilingual, you can type in two languages without changing the setting.


Swype is another useful third party keyboard. Unlike Swiftkey, Swype is paid. It costs $0.99. Among Android users, Swype is a hot favorite. The keyboard allows users to complete a word simply by sliding from one letter to the next letter. Like Swiftkey, the error correction algos of Swype is almost perfect.

The developers of Swype claims users won’t have to pay attention to typos if they use the keyboard. They can type very quickly and keep the speed of typing 50 words a minute. Swype also learns from a user’s writing style and let them enter symbols and punctuations through Swype gesture.


Flesky is a paid app. It costs $0.99. Its main aim is to help users type fast and accurately. You can resize the keyboard if you want. You can also use it via hand gestures. The most appealing thing about Flesky is speed of typing. The predictive keyboard will allow you type without even having to look. Besides, you can personalize your typing experience by adding colorful themes. There are more than 800 emoji and you can switch between languages.

MyScript Stack

It’s a free keyboard that offers handwriting recognition. Even though it’s a bit old school, it resembles Graffiti text entry of Palm OS PDA. Users will draw letters on the screen and the keyboard turns them into digital texts. The input panel allows users to keep writing characters on top other characters. Entering short texts is highly convenient. The keyboard offers support for 58 languages and it is entirely free.

iOS 8 offers you the opportunity to install all these keyboards, so you won’t get bored while typing. Hence install them and make the typing experience filled with fun.