The Best iOS Apps to Integrate with HealthKit


The biggest benefit of iOS 8 is option. iOS 7 was new in terms of design. But feature wise, there wasn’t anything strikingly noticeable in iOS 8. But iOS 8 arrived with a slew of exciting features.

Prior to the release of iOS 8 we discussed the readiness of third party app developers to build apps for HealthKit, which is a health and fitness platform on iOS 8. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best apps that seamlessly integrate with HealthKit.

The Best iOS Apps to Integrate with HealthKit

Before we begin, let’s have a brief introduction of HealthKit for those users, who are new to the site. HealthKit is a centralized system that lets app developers integrate all the data collected by them with other applications and with the iOS Health App. Whatever data about a user’s health is tracked, is shared with other third party apps or with the Health app. Duration of sleep, workout details, blood pressure, etc will be collated with other apps.

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Some of the apps that are perfectly in tune with HealthKit are


up-healthkit app

UP is developed by Jawbone. The original version worked only with Jawbone fitness tracker. A new app however allows it to be used by anyone who has an iPhone 5S or higher versions. The new version of UP lets users track steps, intake of food and sleep. The original version allowed users track friend’s progress, set up reminder alerts and connect the app to other apps like RunKeeper and IFTTT. These features are still there in the new version and all data are sent over to the Health app so users could see them all at one place.



myfitnesspal-healthkit app

The app is for tracking various types of exercises and foods. A users needs to manually enter data related to his or her health. The integration between MyFitnessPal and HealthKit puts important health related data into perspective. Users can see everything they’re doing at one centralized location.



endomondo-healthkit app

These apps track running and cycling. Once you start the app, you can use GPS to log your travels. Thanks to the new Health app that you can an overview all data pertaining to your general health.

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This app tracks steps and weight of a user and pushes them to exercise. If you don’t start jogging, CARROT Fit would shame you. As the app makes users guilty for not exercising, it’s not for all types of users. Due to the new HealthKit integration, everything logged in the app is sent over to the Health app. CARROT Fit monitors whatever is being sent over by other apps and informs users.

Motion 24/7 Sleeptracker

motion healthkit app

Among all sleep tracking apps, Motion 24/7 Sleeptracker is the first that integrated with HealthKit. Apart from sleep, snoring and heart rate are also being monitored. The data collected by Motion 24/7 Sleeptracker are sent over to HealthKit so users get a comprehensive picture.

WebMD/7 Minute Workout

The workout app guides users through workout sessions and even help them by showing videos while WebMD’s iOS app get integrated with HealthKit and provide users with health related information.

The apps discussed in this article are all useful. Being integrated with HealthKit increases their usefulness as users get a holistic idea about health.