Impressive ‘tiny’ new tweaks added in iOS 8 beta 3

ios 8 beta 3

The latest beta version of iOS 8 is finally available for the developers. Apple has blessed them all finally, after the big chain of rumors and talks about the same. The major features of iOS 8 were announced by the company at WWDC. Since then, Apple has been refining the UI before its final release.

ios 8 beta 3

If you are looking to taste the major announced features in this beta version, then sorry, you won’t get that. Instead, this beta version has got new wallpapers, tiny UI tweaks, setting toggles and flipped switch on iCloud Drive.

Below is the section explaining all new tiny tweaks in iOS 8 beta 3.

iCloud Drive

So guys, iCloud Drive is up for its first ever appearance in much awaited iOS 8 beta 3. iCloud settings menu feature new iCloud Drive icon. By toggling it on or off, you can easily allow the apps to store data and documents in iCloud.

Weather details get centered

Detailed weather information has been tweaked by Apple to make it center-aligned. Scrolling below 10-day forecast will give you detailed info about Precipitation, Wind, Humidity, etc. Pretty impressive tweak, indeed.

Health app features M7 data

As you might know, Health app of iOS 8 makes use of third-party sensors to collect data about your health. Apple has tweaked the health app, and now, it can use iPhone’s M7 co-processor to track your steps and distance accurately. In the Health Data, users can manually add data points for the categories they want to. This feature will let users keep track of sugars, calories, Vitamin D. So, along with the iPhone’s own on-device calculations, users have got the ability to personalize the app as per their needs.

Recently Delete Pics

Deleted any pic accidentally? Nothing to worry, as iOS 8 keeps the deleted pics in temporary folder and lets you recover them with ease. A time stamp is added to each photo by iOS 8 beta 3, along with the warning at top of folder that gives the info about time the pics have got before deletion based.

New Wallpapers 

Got iPhone or iPad in your hands? iOS 8 beta 3 has got greyish white wallpaper for you. It also features a new white wallpaper that was introduced at WWDC.

Tweak in Notification Center’s close button

A little but impressive tweak is there in this part. In the Notification Center, solitary X has replaced word ‘close’.

WiFi Calling

Spend too much on making calls? No worries now, as iOS 8 lets you make calls over WiFi. For now, T-Mobile beta testers have got their hands on this feature. It’s likely that all carriers will support it in the days and months to come.

Keep audio and videdo Messages

iOS 8 lets you send audio and video messages to your friends in flash. Beta 3 version features toggle under Settings >> Messages, with the help of which, you can Automatically have it all what your friends send you.

Handoff Toggle in Settings

iOS 8 Beta 3 features Handoff Toggle that is meant to make the working between Macs and iPhones, a comfortable task. You can enable this feature by going to Settings >> General >> Enable Handoff.

Turn off QuickType

Don’t like Apple’s new QuickType keyboard? Then simply head over to Settings >> General >> Keyboard >> QuickType, and turn this annoying thing off. If you want to hide QuickType bar temporarily only, then also you have the option to do so. Yeah, these features are available in Beta 3 only.

App Analytics option

You can now share App Analytics data from the setup screen itself. No need to follow any complex pattern. It seems as Apple is in deep love with its developers. If you were looking for this very feature, then believe me, iOS 8 beta 3 is going to please you for sure, and will make you thank Apple for this blessing.

iCloud Drive option on setup.

Last, but not least- iOS 8 Beta 3 has iCloud Drive option on the setup itself. This option allows you to upgrade to iCloud Drive with single touch. Of course, if you want, you can keep using your old regular iCloud.

iOS 8 Beta 3 has got impressive set of features in it. After seeing these tweaks, we are even more curious to get hands on the final release of the same. We’re sure you are curious too. Keep following this blog to keep yourself updated about all happenings in this matter.