When Can We Expect iOS 8 Jailbreak to Show Up?


When iPhone 6 was officially unveiled at Apple’s Media Launch event on September 9, iOS 8 release was announced on September 17. Does that mean we should prepare ourselves for iOS 8 Jailbreak?

When Can We Expect iOS 8 Jailbreak to Show Up

iOS 8 was first publicly announced in the first week of June at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference. Jailbreakers, ever since then, have been working on to release a jailbreak.

You might question how would they work on a jailbroken version in the absence of the official version of the OS. Well, five iOS 8 beta versions have been released so far and the first two versions had lots of issues, which Apple fixed in third and fourth versions. Jailbreakers probably already know the vulnerabilities of iOS 8.

As a matter of fact, if we are to believe the ongoing rumors, iOS 8 jailbreak has been successful on the beta versions. On 5th June, a Twitter user called i0n1c posted a pic on Twitter that shows the list of root directories of an iPod 5 device running iOS 8 beta. The listed directories are visible only when the device is jailbroken.

There were not too many efforts by hackers after i0n1c to jailbreak iOS 8. One reason behind that is the general reluctance of the jailbreak community to jailbreak an iOS beta. That’s because Apple will get an idea about the exploit and patch it in its next update.

On Reddit, there’s a community for jailbreakers. Last week a user called w0rldello posted the link to an image that shows a screenshot of iOS 8 interface. On the top of the screenshot there’s a logo of the Pangu hacking community. The Pangu community hasn’t developed any jailbreak for iOS 8 yet. The Redditor claimed he reverse engineered the Pangu jailbreak for iOS 7.1.x Many Reddit users rubbished this claim and said w0rldello wanted others to try the exploit.

An influential jailbreak community called Evad3rs mentioned an exploit couple of months ago. They referred to a jailbreak developer i88sn0w who has allegedly found a vulnerability in the iBoot-level. The vulnerability lets developers to develop software tools with the help of A5 (X) processor. A5 processor is currently found in iPad 2, iPod Touch 5G, iPad Mini, Apple TV 3G and iPhone 4S.

In the past, iBoot-level vulnerability was found in iPad and iPhone with A4 processor. The vulnerability tools allow the device to continue to receive updates from Apple. We haven’t heard anything from Apple regarding the vulnerability. We could take it with a pinch of salt but should we, when there are quite a few devices running on A5 chip?

A month after iOS 7 was officially released, iOS 7 jailbreak showed up. This time also, there’s hardly any possibility of a major jailbreak release before the launch of iOS 8. If things move just the way they did a year ago, we could see iOS 8 jailbreak surfacing in the mid of October.

One question still remains though; iOS 8 will arrive with scores of exciting features. Will there be any need after that to download and install apps from third parties?

But people don’t always jailbreak their device to install third party apps. They sometimes do it just for fun and that thrust will probably remain.