Complete Update on Apple iWatch Specs, Release Date and Price


Apple Event was big in several ways. With iPhone 6 Plus, it has joined the league of big smartphones, letting us know that in the future, the already blurred line between phones and tablets can be obsolete for good. The day also witnessed the launch of iOS 8 and much-speculated wearable watch.


We will discuss the specs and the relevance of Apple Watch later in this blog but just to let you know that it is christened as Apple Watch and not iWatch.   The Californian OEM has always been known for brand consistency. In fact, I had started to think that they have trademarked ‘i’ for their products. Duh!

This has messed up with their brand architecture fairly but seems like that the tech giant does not have any option but to drop the lower case ‘i’. The rumors of Apple making a wearable device were hot since couple of months but we were kind of hoping that it will be called iWatch or at least, iBand. This time, Apple Inc. could not beat the legal complications that arose from the brand name despite registering ‘iWatch’ successfully in Asian and Latin American countries.

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Well, beside the brand name inconsistency, Apple Watch lives up to its legacy. So far, so good!

When can we expect it?

Dear users, October is the time to ditch the likes of so-called smartwatches you have been wearing to get the feel of a wearable gadget. The coming-of-the age smartwatch is expected to make a grand entry in our lives sometime later in the year, 2014 and most probably in October. As usual nobody has even the slightest clue regarding the launch date and now you must be aware that Apple Inc. is too difficult to break under pressures or rumors!

We still do not know about its exact cost but we do expect that it will create a massive frenzy and will be released in limited edition at first.

What is Apple Watch exactly?

It is a customizable smartwatch which is compatible with iPhone 6 as of now. Unlike its previous counterparts, it is a comprehensive device focused on health and fitness. It is said to be accurate by + / – 50ms wherever you are.

It is a smartwatch which takes digital interaction to a completely new level through the digital crown which also doubles up as the home button. The Apple Watch lets you connect with your friends in a single touch. All you have to do is to press the button under digital crown to call or message them. You can even draw caricatures and send them their heartbeats! (A rather creepy for us but fascinating feature for the lovey-dovey teenagers)

It can be your walkie-talkie too. The Apple Watch also supports Siri for dictation and smart messages. Water-resistant speaker is also rolled up in this watch.

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It features flexible retina display through a single sapphire crystal. The tiny electrodes around the display allow it to figure the difference between a tap and press. Haptic feedback is provided by linear actuator. The Taptic Engine causes vibration for every new notification. The vibrations are different for the left or right turn in the Maps app.

The four sensors on the back are protected by a ceramic cover. These sensors are heart rate monitor and act as a comprehensive health monitor based on your daily lifestyle. WiFi and GPS enabled, it also features accelerometer to measure body movements. The flagship wearable from the OEM blends in inductive charging and MagSafe. A completely sealed unit makes way for the pulled-up magnet flap to connect to the charger.

Just be sure of the fact it is not any other smartwatch you have been seeing till now. It is an entire computing device wrapped up in a single chip and encapsulated in resin to stay it protected from wear & tear, shocks and other elements. The Apple Watch is power-packed with custom designed S1 chip.

The workout app shows real-time information stream on distance travelled or calories burnt. You can also set goals through it.

‘Glance’ feature lets you swipe the screen to see the information such as weather forecast, location or calendar.

You can also control music on your Apple devices through the watch. Or better, store the music on the Watch and rock on! The notifications can be controlled and you just need to look at wrist to take actions on them.

Ok. Enough features. Let’s talk about the looks!

The Apple Watch comes in six straps namely, Sport Band (durable, sweat-resistant and sporty), Leather Loop (features magnets to adjust the watch), Link Bracelet, Modern Buckle, Milanese Loop and Classic Buckle. The straps are durable and can be interchanged.

Available in two sizes of 38 and 42mm height, it comes in a sleek and compact stainless steel silver or black case. The company also plans to launch a special gold edition of Apple Watch made of 18-carat yellow or rose gold which is far durable and tougher than the standard gold. This gold edition is expected to come with exquisite and intricately crafted sapphire closures.

What does it cost?

It is a dicey question because the Apple tax that could push it to high-end tag. The company has hired some top-notch talents for the biometrics and design, so rest assured that it is you who will ultimately sponsor their fat pay checks. However, in the USA, it is rumoured to be priced at $349 approximately.

The other contenders:

Samsung Galaxy Gear looks like a kid’s play in front of Apple Smart Watch. It is fairly restricted functionally too, so we can write it off for now. Motorola’s Moto 360 looks solid and could be stacked against it.

There have been no updates on the performance or battery life of the Apple Watch. Till we dig out some more news, please let us know what you think of this sheer  substance meets style device!