Customizing and Disabling Contacts with the Use of iOS 8 Multitasking Interface


iOS 7 released a year back with a slew of new features. One of the key benefits of iOS 7 was multitasking. On iOS 8, multitasking is even more seamless. The newest iOS 8 comes with better multitasking feature that allows people to enjoy a shortcut to get in touch with people, who are more important to them.

Not all iOS users are aware about the multitasking benefit, many of them don’t even know how to customize and disable their contact list by using the multitasking interface. In this article, we’ll discuss this. Once you go through this how-to article, you’ll be able to customize people whose names show up on the top of your screen. That’s how you can make contact with them or disable them from the contact list altogether.

The app switcher will always show pictures of your contacts in your address book on the top. If any individual doesn’t have a picture, the initials of his name and surname will be displayed in the round shaped picture box. Their names (not surnames) will be displayed underneath the pictures. This is called vCard.

vcard-ios 8You can add photos to any of contact’s vCard. There are two ways you can do that. If you go for the first option, you need to find the picture of the user in the Photos app. When you find the photo, press the share button. You can find the Share button in the lower left hand side; it has a blue square and arrow symbol. In the upper right hand corner you’ll find the Next button. Press it and then select Assign to Contact, which is located at the bottom right hand corner. This will open up your address book and you can decide which photo should be assigned to which person. It should be mention here that you can resize images and move them.

2014-08-27-18-44-43There’s another way of assigning an image to the vCard of a person. To do this, first you need to find those people in your Contacts app. In the upper right corner, you’ll find the word Edit in blue. Pressing on the word will let you choose between adding a new photo or selecting a photo that is already existing in the Photo app.

2014-08-28-14-22-06Your phone’s app switcher displays two categories of contacts; Recents and Favorites. Recents are those, you’ve contacted lately. Seven most recent people will be displayed by your app switcher. Favorites are contacts whom you’ve described as being favorite on your iPhone. To put someone into the Favorite category, first open the Phone app, then press on Favorites that is on the left hand corner. Then press the plus button and to fetch the list of your contacts to select whom you want to make as your favorite.

2014-09-01-14-59-01Other than customizing your contact list, you can also disable some contacts. For that, open Settings, then scroll down until you see Mail, Contacts and Calendars. Then find the app switcher which is turned on by default. When you tap on it, you can turn off both favorites and Recents or any one of them.