Dear Gamers and Developers, Gear up for iOS 8 Metal Gaming


With the release of iOS 8, the Cupertino-based company, Apple Inc. gives its users a couple of Metal-based games on iTunes. To start with, let us say that the change is tremendous and considerably different than the OpenGL of iOS 7.


What is Metal gaming?

Apple Metal takes gaming to a completely new level. Launched at WWDC 2014, it is the new feature of iOS 8 that kicks up the gaming experience by a few notches. This API allows developers to create and develop console-grade games for Apple iPads and iPhones. The future gaming experience of Apple will rely heavily on A7 and A8 processor and is called Metal. This describes the coding which is close to the metal of processor than the traditional route of abstraction through the programming layers.

What is the difference between iOS 7 and Metal gaming of iOS 8?

Apple has poured in lots of thinking and efforts in devising this new gaming technology. The new advanced mobile chip gives a new platform for developers to work on. So, if you own an iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air or iPad Mini, get ready to experience a sea-difference from the gaming experience you had with iOS 7.

The best part about Metal gaming is that you would not feel like gaming at all. It is come-alive moment for the gaming freaks. Be it car or cherry blossoms floating in the water, everything is so impressive that it does not like a tech demo any more. It is the time of the era when gamers should gear up to get better frame rates and extraordinaire graphics through this framework.

The explosions in game, textures, weather, lighting and particle effect is going to be as different as chalk and cheese with the iOS8.

The explosion in Metal gaming of iOS 8 is going to be more real and will kick up more dust. Skyline will look more textured, filled with clouds, bluer and hazier. The door explosion will be more realistic and the chaos, well, more chaotic and larger-than-life. Apart from this, you get underwater effects that are more pronounced and have more bubbles. The smoke is denser and so are the flames on the woods.

Even the light games like Plunder Pirates get completely revamped with Metal support. The shadows are dynamic and add lots of character to the overall scenario.

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The Beach Buggy Racing from Vector Unit also fares up great with Metal backup. The visuals get amped up with the shadow effect. The iOS 7 enabled shadow for the cars only but with the upgrade you get shadows and higher frame rate for the entire gaming infrastructure, making the gaming setup more realistic.

As far as the Asphalt 8 is concerned, you would expect the game to get slower and lose all the zing but the performance is smoother and faster than ever before. And you know whom to thank here, Apple iOS 8 Metal!

Where do we stand with Apple Metal iOS 8?

Agreed that we are still in the initial phase with the Metal gaming but I am certain that the game developers will find more ways to create games keeping Metal in mind. However, for now, you will all agree to the fact that whatever is all there is pretty impressive indeed and shows a lot of potential for developers. The best part is that game junkies can enjoy the Metal gaming without having to invest in a new Apple flagship! Just an upgrade and get going!

P.S. Just to clear the air, Metal does not have to do anything with heavy metal rock or metalheads. Since the programming structure of this API is closer to the metal of the A7 processor, the OEM named it thus.