A Detailed Guide on Adding Third Party Keyboards to iOS 8 Devices


iOS 8 has arrived with a bucket of new and exciting features. One of them enables users to add third party keyboards to their iOS device. This has opened a new door for developers. Many popular Android keyboards are lined up for arriving on iOS 8.


One of them is Swype keyboard, which is completely gesture based. Popkey is another of this category. Using Popkey keyboard, one can send GIF replies instead of text based replies. Overall, Android keyboards are famous for making typing easier on touchscreen. Those keyboards can be downloaded from the App store at ease. It’s really fun to explore them, more so if typing on iOS keyboards makes you irritated.

In this article, we’ll discuss how one can add third party keyboards to iOS 8 run iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Before we begin discussing the steps, it’s important to understand downloading a third party keyboard doesn’t automatically activate it. The download part is separate from activation. So you need to download and activate keyboard separately.

Keyboard adding process

To download the keyboard, first go to the Appstore and download a third party keyboard like Swype or Popkey. Then open Settings, go to General and then select Keyboard. Once you select Keyboard, tap on it and then choose Add New Keyboard. Now it is time for you to select the previously downloaded keyboard.

Once the keyboard is added, tap on it and toss ‘Allow Full Access’ to ‘ON’. Now exit from Settings and head to Notes app that allows text input.

Accessing the new keyboard

Once the new keyboard is added, you’ll be able to access it from the Notes app. First tap on the Keyboard icon and then select the newly added third party keyboard. Keep in mind each third party keyboard works differently from the other. That’s why once you add a new keyboard, you need some time to get used to it.

The gesture based swiping keyboard for example, keep learning from how you use it. The keyboard will get smart after picking up clues from your way of typing.

Full access to third party keyboards

You might wonder whether or not you should give a third party keyboard full access. To decide that, first you need to know what full access actually stands for. Giving full access to a third party keyboard means the keyboard can convey everything that you type. The list of things that could be transmitted through a third party keyboard includes anything that you’ve typed in the past. This way, sensitive information could be leaked.

Despite knowing the cons of giving full access to a third party keyboard some users proceed on doing so. They are not bothered about losing sensitive information. If you are concerned about privacy issues, don’t give third party keyboards full access.

Normally third party keyboard developers tell users what they are going to do with the information if the keyboards are being given full access. It’s recommended for users to give full access to a third party keyboard once the developer’s intention is clear to them.