A Detailed Look at the App Widgets for Notification Center in iOS 8


With the release of iOS 8, app developers on a row have started to launch new apps and update existing apps. With the upgrade, new APIs have been introduced. Third party keyboard APIs and APIs for app extensions are what Apple seems to be prioritizing.


One app extension feature allows developers to build widgets which will fetch data from other apps and let users have a quick look at that. Users could see the information when clicked on the ‘Today’ tab, right beside the ‘Notification’ tab.

Some app developers have already updated their apps to utilize the said functionality of the Notification Center widgets. Some apps are in the developmental phase. In this article, we’ll discuss a list of the app updates for the Today view of the Notification Center.

Let’s start with Duolingo. The app gives users how much they need to take to learn a language fully. Users just need to tap on the widget in the Notification Center and the Dulingo app will be opened. Users can then continue with their language sessions.

Clear is a premium app and its Notification Center update includes upcoming reminders. When users see the snippet in the Notification Center, they just need to tap on it to get access.

The updated version of the task management app Finish will be free. The app displays three reminders and upcoming tasks.  Users can complete a certain task and add a new task. Another exciting free app is NYT Now. The app stands as the acronym of New York Times Now. Users can see the snippets of NYT news headlines in the Notification Center.

PCalc and OmniFocus 2 are both paid apps. One is for task management and the other is instant calculation. OmniFocus 2 is for managing tasks. It displays a complete list of actions that are due. Users see the list in the Today section of Forecast. PCalc on the other hand lets users calculate in the Notification Center itself.

Parcel and OpenTable are two useful apps, and both come totally free of cost. While Parcel tracks down the whereabouts of upcoming deliveries, the app’s widget in the Notification Center displays all details. OpenTable is for making reservation. The app widget allows users to see their upcoming reservations right in the Notification Center.

There are plenty of exciting apps that fall under several categories like sports, weather, news, music, etc. Some of them are free while others are paid. forScore for example is a paid music app. It costs $6.99. Its widget in the Notification Center is called ‘Pitch Pipe’ and displays the beginning pitch.

WeatherPro and Raincast are paid weather related app. WeatherPro costs $2.99 and Raincast costs $1.99. Widgets of these apps display rain, snow, temperature and other forecasts. News apps like Breaking News and The Guardian are free. The widgets display the top stories.

The app widgets is not available yet but expected to arrive on Monday. The widget will show sports related information such as scores, etc in the Notification Center.

The widget installation process is fairly simple. First they need to open up the Notification Center, then swipe down to the bottom. Find the ‘Edit’ button and tap on it. They could then select which app widgets they want to be functional on their devices.