Details about Apple’s HealthKit Rollout Ahead of iPhone 6 Launch


Apple has been star of headlines for past few months, thanks to upcoming iOS 8 and Apple iPhone 6. The company is likely to launch both these in the next few weeks. Out of all the interesting features that we are going to get, Apple’s new HealthKit will surely be most fascinating. Details of this interesting upcoming feature have started surfacing on the web.


To give you an interesting example, Mayo Clinic is reportedly testing out a new service that would alert the patients when their Apple app will detect the health related issues. The app will then help patients in scheduling the visits to clinic.

Cleveland Clinic and Kaiser Permanente, the major health systems are also testing new apps HealthKit. The reports are there that Kaiser is looking forward to have a partnership with Apple.

As per report of Farr, HealthKit is new lynchpin of Apple’s strategy. With this technology, the health app makers will be able to take benefit of Apple’s devices’ sensors to have accurate health-related data.

If the multiple reports are to be believed, with new health features especially the HealthKit, Apple is looking forward to have a big input in the large multi-billion dollar market of health care. Of course, this will help Apple gain profit by both selling more health apps, and by selling more of its products.

By closely observing report of Farr, we get to know that Apple’s main plan is to allow the users to sync apps with electronic health care records. For example, Apple’s plan is to allow users sync data with MyChart which is highly popular personal health record portal by Epic.

Partnership of Epic and Apple was announced this summer. If this works out well, both partners will be enjoying more popularity and more profit on the charts. Apple had faced failures with its previous captures. If the experts are to be believed, the major problems lie in data collection. If HeathKit solves this problem faced by the leading tech company, then the days are not far when Apple will become hub for health care data.

The report of Farr continues and says that Apple’s rollout of HealthKit is likely to be bumpy than launches of other products by company. Here are the words of Morgan Reed, who leads mobile health developers called ACT.

“Everybody is knocking on the door. But I doubt that HealthKit will merge with all the existing systems.”

Here are two important points you must be aware of:

  • Apple’s partnership with Nike to track the running data does not require the company to follow the HIPAA rules.
  • The arrangement where Apple is planning to store clinical information does need to abide by the HIPAA rules. This has set new challenges for the leading tech company.

As per Meg Aranow, who leads Advisory Board’s research into health IT, alliance of Apple and IBM will result in the influx of health care mobile apps. Here are his words on this:

“The announcement indicates that IBM will develop more than 100 applications for iPad and iPhone. This bodes well for health care, as it’s one of several vertical markets the partnership is targeting for ‘industry-specific solutions. Drawing on Apple’s ability to combine hardware and software for an optimal user experience, and IBM’s trusted security and device management solutions.These could be just the mobile solutions that health care is seeking.”