It is a double whammy for Apple iPhone users, botched iOS 8.0.1 pulled by the company


 Oops! That was a bummer. The arrival of iOS 8 made a much-needed voice for the California based company but proved to be a damp squib when it was confirmed by many users that they are facing multitude of problems after updating to the new mobile operating software. Most of the users faced severe performance issues and bugs. The update also rendered the users totally helpless when videos refused to play on Safari all of sudden or when they faced trouble in installing VPN profiles.

It is a double whammy for Apple iPhone users, botched iOS 8.0.1 pulled by the company

It is to be noted that iOS 8 is compatible with iPhone 4S and its newer siblings. The fifth-generation of iPod Touch and any iPad from the second generation and older is getting the update. However, to remain the exclusivity of its newly launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has designed a few features for these devices only which are Apple Pay and NFC. The iOS 8 was released to address the wish list of users accumulated over the years.

The latest software release was supposed to tackle the notification system of iOS, build a connecting bridge between Apple’s Yosemite OS X software and aimed to strengthen device and file management software iCloud. With the help of this software release, Apple Inc. also wanted to penetrate home automation and health segments via Kit apps and developers.

But the ambitious software update by the company ran into trouble as soon as it was launched. Users reported WiFi connectivity problems, battery drain and slow performance on Safari through various support forums.

Apple acknowledged the issues faced by users and come up with iOS 8.0.1 to address the visual voicemail bug concerning call freezing and forwarding. The new software update of Apple iOS 8.0.1 also promised to fix invisibility of keypad and not able to verify it through iCloud Keychain codes. The update was also supposed to fix AirDrop for passbook and VPN profile installation along with tackling the bug that prevented users to upload videos and images from Safari.

Apart from handling the unpredictable data usage upon receiving the text message, the major focus of the update was to fix the HealthKit bug that barred developers to launch the app in store. With the iOS 8.0.1, the company also wanted to extend the reliability of its ‘reachability’ feature of new flagship models. Be it issues regarding third-party keyboards, accessibility of Photo Library or restoring the iCloud service to iTunes, Apple wanted to make it right for users but in the end, botched it all up royally.

The users who were quick to download the new update on iOS 8.0.1 were disappointed to find that it totally messed up with the cellular network and TouchID profile. Users could not connect to the network as there was a message of no-signal. The inability to use TouchID made iPhone sit like a beautiful package with no use because after all, you need to unlock it to use it.

Models like iPhone 4S which are facing loads of issue with the new update are at the receiving end. Users of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S are also reporting battery drain and other performance issues but it seems that there will be a couple of rollouts before the company finally fix’em all!

As of now, either of these software updates does not seem to bother iPad users but folks, keep your devices at arm’s distance to avoid the mess.

Well, this is not new for Apple. Last year too, the company released iOS 7.0.1 within a short span after the iOS 7 to fix the fingerprint issues on the screen of iPhone 5S. After a while, it had to release iOS 7.0.2 to tackle a locked screen issue.

For now, the good news is that if you have upgraded to the iOS 8.0.1 version, you can roll back to previous iOS 8. Well, choose between the lesser of two evils, will ya?