Download iOS 8 Look on Android


iOS 8 is about to come and millions of people are eagerly waiting for it. The curiosity of users have touched the peak since the day Apple unveiled this upcoming mobile OS. What’s most interesting is that those who don’t even own Apple device, are waiting for the OS to come.

Download iOS 8 Look on Android

Believe or not, Android users can taste the iOS 8 look right away. There is an app named iOS 8 Launcher available in Google Play, that is meant to make you taste the iOS 8 look on your Android device.

This app does not only the basic changes, but also pretty impressive features. It comes with customizable app folders that lets users get popular app icons in the Apple-theme-way on their Android device. The drop-down Notifications Drawer, that is part of this launcher, works same as the one in iOS 8 does. It’s best iOS 8 like skin that you can download and install within matter of few seconds. Of course, since it’s just a regular Android app, you can uninstall it anytime you want to.

Download iOS 8 Look on Android1

Apple’s iOS 8 is going to be available for the Apple users soon. But by providing the iOS 8 look in Android, we’ve one more reason why people prefer this mobile OS by Apple. Can you ever hope for Android launcher for Apple device? In case of Android, third-party developers are free to bring impressive features, and are in immense number.

Well, if you own an Android device, it’s time to download the said app right away. It’s available for free. So, do try it and tease your friends who own Apple device and are still waiting to try out the iOS 8.

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  1. This wad such a good app. My phone updated to KK 4.4.4 and the app stopped working. I went to uninstall it and reinstall, but not it is gone from the play store. What happened?